Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Top Twenty but not as we knew it !

It is just 20 days until we take our walk for Jimmy.  I have no idea how many are going to turn up and I have no idea how many are going to do the other thing and Tweet for Jimmy ! I joined the twitter brigade about 35 days ago and I started my countdown to the walk day.  Since then me and Moor have been tweeting like twerps to all and sundry.  His approach has been quite different to mine - I shoot off random tweets to anyone with a link to Leeds, Scarborough or the hospitals Jimmy helped.

You might ask - "well Rabbit, what sort of response have you had ?" and I'll tell you honestly, that I am quite disgusted by the lack of interest I have found so far !  What keeps me going on with this, I ask myself and here's what I always come back with - because He's worth it !

In the next 20 posts I am going to give you 20 good reasons why YOU - yes that's YOU good folk out there need to get out there and tell as many people as you can about the 29th October 2013. This is a heartfelt plea from a good soul who wants to see a wrong righted - So here goes !

"Straight in at number 20" Silence Is Not Golden !

 Here's Jimmy as a boy - I'd guess he'd be about 9 or ten in this photo.  Looks like a nice lad doesn't he - somehow that face doesn't go with most of the words used by the press in their sordid story's over the last year.  I may be repeating some of the stuff Moor said in his blogs here but, I can't help thinking that somehow, the silent majority of people in this country appear to have lost their memories in complete contrast to those few who conveniently recovered theirs in November 2011 !

Where are all the people who Jimmy helped or worked with or knew for goodness sake ?  Naturally, one could not expect the sick, disabled or vulnerable to be able to do very much right now and that's just it isn't it folks?, the one's who would, can't, whilst those who could, wont !

Shame on you - people of means or influence for sitting on your backsides and allowing these people to steal Jimmy's estate.

Shame on you - for allowing these people to ruin some wonderful memories of the childhoods of at least 3 generations !

Shame on you - for allowing these people to make money out of what is, by all accounts a child protection racket !

Shame on you - for allowing these people to put Jimmy's family in the position of having to remove their loved one's headstone.  Bloody hell, I cannot conceive of a more disgusting event in the history of disgusting evil media perpetrated incidents.  I can think of at least one but that would involve invoking a certain law that Mr Larkin has often referred to - so I won't.

In my last post one commentator related a great story - It seems that every cloud can have a silver lining !  When Jimmy's headstone was removed, it was done with kindness and respect. The press showed up too late to see the show they had wanted to see.  In the last few days one reporter has been chattering about us on Twitter

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8 Oct

Astonishing. Someone on here organising campaign for Savile to remember "the faces of the sick children he helped" 

I'm wondering what Tubb finds 'astonishing' - our 'campaign' as he calls it or the fact that Jimmy did indeed help 'sick children' - but i'll not waste another nano second  thinking about those folk.  I'm far moor interested in genuine people who don't spend their lives ruining others !

I know that there's alot of people reading our blogs oversea's - they must be thinking that the population of Great Britain has lost it's collective mind along with it's hearts - but, don't be taken in friends, the majority are silent just now but they have the chance to walk the walk or talk the talk on the 29th.

Will 'Silence is Golden' still be in the Top 20 on Tuesday 29th October (remember how they used to play the new chart on a Tuesday in the 70's at midday) ? You decide - there are moor of US than there are of THEM !


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  1. If it wasn't happening in front of my own eyes, I'm not sure I would ever have believed that it could. I guess the emotion that drives all reason from the human mind is Fear, and Operation Yewtree seems to have been the perfect exponent at striking fear into the heart of the Nation.