Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"There is clearly insufficient evidence to charge the suspect with any criminal offence" Part 3

I was wrong ! The information printed in the Telegraph was available to the public and whilst the wording of the transcripts of Jimmy's interview were not published in Savell's Report into Operation Ornament, they were published in Alison Levitt's Report also published on the 11th January 2013The whole of the relevant paragraph about Jimmy's 'policy' was NOT however !

The sins of some of the protagonists indirectly, involved in the plot to murder the life of Sir Jimmy Savile appear to be more ommitive than commitive if that makes sense ! Some VERY important words have been ommited from Jimmy's exchange with Det Cons 1 and Det Sarg 6 not only in the press account BUT IN LEVITT'S REPORT TOO ! Here let me show you !

 Here is what is printed in Levitt :

Here's the Telegraph version 

In the report of the taped interview, Savile said: “Because I take everything seriously, I’ve alerted my legal team that they may be doing business, and if we do, you ladies [the two female officers] will finish up at the Old Bailey as well, because we will be wanting you there as witnesses. But nobody ever seems to want to go that far.” The report by senior CPS prosecutor Alison Levitt added that Savile said: “I have no need to chase girls, there are thousands of them on Top of the Pops… I have no kinky carryings-on.” 

Here is what he actually said, according to the transcripts released last week

'Nobody ever seems to want to go that far do they Jimmy ? They don't want to consider those next FIVE words make all the difference do they do not ? Here we go Jimmy, I'll say them one moor time for you : "Yeah, only a bit of fun."
The point is, that they appear to have been deliberately left out by the press AND LEVITT !!!  These five words have not been chopped off the end of a sentence - they form a link to the next sentence so why the hell are they not there ?

Goodness me, surely a Report written by a QC purporting to be an impartial and/or thorough investigation into a Police Investigation into such an important matter would not be attempting to mislead the public would it ?

You see Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a great deal that does not add up in this whole sorry saga and I'm not talking about Operation Ornament, I am talking about the investigation into the investigation that was 'Ornament' !
To be continued !



  1. They used to call it harmless Spin.
    Folks who believe in "Spin" think the facts and the truth are always a matter for negotiation, and that the Truth is something bad because it only has one side to it's story.

  2. "no-body ever wants to go that far."...was he referring to actually reporting what he said accurately and not picking out juicy bits and knitting together sentences to produce an entirely different meaning because that is what they have done and it's a scandal.

  3. My interpretation of that is, as it sounds; no one wants to take it that far and they (the press) settle out of court ! The full statement appears in Part 2 Eric - here's the link to make it as easy as possible !
    As for the press etc 'knitting together' sentences, then, yes obviously this is what happened, and whilst this is an outrage, the fact that it occurs in Levitt's official Report is unbelievable !