Sunday, 24 November 2013

Arise Sir James !

Have a good look at that cheque that Jimmy Savile is signing above there guys and gals.  He is not 'Sir' James Savile yet, it is only March and the Queen's birthday honors list is not announced until, well, not until her birthday in June ! In 1990 this list was announced on the 15th June.

 James Wilson Vincent Saville, OBE, Chairman, Broadmoor Hospital Advisory Committee ans Stoke Mandeville Hospital Spinal Injuries Centre, for charitable services.
Jimmy was very very proud of his knighthood, bestowed in recognition of the millions he had raised for charity.  In an interview with Hello Magazine the following exchange took place :

 "Was it a complete surprise ?"

"When the envelope dropped through the door I genuinely thought when I took it out and read it that I had opened somebody else's letter from Downing Street.  Feeling like a shoplifter I very quickly stuffed it back in the envelope before thinking - 'Oh, hang about !' and opening it all over again !"

"How do you think it will change you ?"

"It wont, but it'll change the people around me.  My Leeds friends including my marathon team and everyone at Jimmy's - St James University Hospital where I'm a voluntary worker - will give me a doubly hard time !"

Most people will be aware of the stories about how Margaret Thatcher had to fight to get Jimmy knighted in 1990 - I won't bore you with the details because it's been well covered elsewhere.  My angle is solely on the FACT THAT JIMMY WAS KNIGHTED IN 1990 FOR THE REASONS CITED ABOVE !

Let's go back to that cheque that Jimmy is signing there in March 1990.  If you look closely you will see a mention for the 'National Confederation For Parent Teacher Associations' and I think that I'm right in saying that THEY are the donors of the £10,000 to Jimmy's charity !

I had not really come across much in the way of links between schools and Jimmy aside from the obvious one in Staines ! I wanted to know more and came across this story in the Metro on 8th July this year !

'New national curriculum: Children need anti-Jimmy Savile lessons, Labour MP argues'

A shadow minister has argued that children should be taught how to protect themselves from ‘predators’ such as Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall.
Diana Johnson, Labour MP for Hull North and shadow Home Office minister, said she was disappointed the new national curriculum did not focus on helping boost pupils’ self-esteem.
She asked education secretary Michael Gove in the Commons: ‘While the vast majority of parents and the vast majority of young people want a curriculum that’s fit for life, including building life skills around self-esteem and confidence which will protect them from predators like Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, I’d be interested to know why you turn your face against introducing that into the national curriculum?’

Gosh, a new curriculum in 'anti Jimmy Savile lessons' some things need to be seen to be believed do they not ? It is interesting that the same article contains the following pic of our James in 1990 !

Twenty three years after Her majesty bestowed her honor on Sir Jimmy Savile we are supposed to accept that a man who raised £40,000,000 for charity is a monster hiding in 'plain sight' of everyone including those who were already investigating a Consultant at Stoke Mandeville Hospital for sexually abusing patients in 1990 !

The Sydney Morning  Herald, of all things !, on the same date,  provides the following :
 Stoke Mandeville was at the centre of a child sex abuse scandal in the late 1980s when a consultant paediatrician was investigated after a whistleblower came forward to the health authority. Dr Michael Salmon, a consultant paediatrician at the Aylesbury hospital, was suspended in 1989 after an investigation by government auditors prompted by concerns about possible financial improprieties. During the inquiry investigators found evidence relating to teenage patients of Salmon and a criminal investigation was launched.
Salmon was jailed for three years in 1990 after admitting indecent assaults on two 13-year-old girls and a 16-year-old girl. Three years earlier he had been praised by Diana, Princess of Wales, for helping to organise a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida for 300 disabled children. He was struck off the medical register in 1991.

Goodness, a Doctor at Stoke Mandeville jailed after a Police investigation in 1990 whilst, just down the corridor or in another building, another alleged abuser, indeed, one who is accused of raping a 12 year old girl in a televison room in 1977 goes unnoticed ?  Well, after all, there were NO COMPLAINTS MADE AGAINST HIM AT THE TIME - Were there !
Let's go back to 1975 here for a few moments shall we, it seems so inviting now !  Here's a nurse and a patient who appear to enjoy Jimmy's special bedside manner.  Enjoy a happy moment or two - there are more to come !









  1. Lyn Barber interviewed Jimmy shortly after the Knighthood news.

    "........ being awarded a knighthood was a joy and an honour. More interestingly, he says it was also a relief. For the past several years, tabloid journalists have been saying that he must have a serious skeleton in his cupboard, otherwise he would have got a knighthood by now. "Ooh ay, I had a lively couple of years, with the tabloids sniffing about, asking around the corner shops - everything - thinking there must be something the authorities knew that they didn't.......... "

  2. "How did you celebrate your Knighthood ?"

    "I took my nearest and dearest for an outing - the lads from my marathon team. They like to think I'm a hard man so I ran them 15 miles to the to a workers' cafe and treated them to their pick of the menu ! 'Gentlemen', I said, 'the invitation is to eat your fill' Having run all that way their appetites had shunk to no size at all so the bill for this celebratory party including ice lollies came to a meagre £9.50".

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  4. Much ado about nothing !

  5. They tried to link Savile with Salmon but I have heard no more