Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Jubilee Lie !

Where were you in 1977 ?  Personally, I don't remember exactly where I was on every one of those 365 days, but, I'm sure that, had I been a hospital inpatient, it would be there on my records somewhere !

Yes, I'm afraid it's back to that story again Guys and Gals, you know the one where a 12 year old is raped in a hospital by a porter and it's not reported ever to anyone until earlier this year, and, even then, it's not to the Police but to a television company !

You see, this story has got me so incensed that I decided to don my best burrowing apparel and go check out a few FACTS !  The first one that took my fancy was that chart that the Savile Police released in January 2013, you know the one where they let us know where and when Jimmy's 'crimes' took place !

Well here it is again for your delight ! Now have a look at 1977 

So that's a yellow line there - oh and it just happens to be 'London - BBC Centre' - allow yourselves a wry smile for that one friends ! 

So, could it really be that 'Celia' would hide away her story for another year or so, rather than contact the rather busy helpline !

Jimmy Savile was a very busy man in 1977.  He was  .... hosting Top of the Pops in April, May, June, November and December !

He was meeting the Queen in May in Edinburgh 

More than 10,000 people flocked to the city’s Camperdown Park. And in Aberdeen, they were 20 deep on pavements to get a glimpse of the Monarch in the sunshine.
In Edinburgh, she attended a youth pageant at Meadowbank Stadium with Jimmy Savile, who reportedly “made her laugh”.

He was running up and down mountains in August


And earlier in the year !


He was presenting his third series of Fix it's !

As well as extra special episodes !

Febuary 1977 was a sad time in Jimmy's home town 

On 5 February Sutcliffe attacked Irene Richardson, a Chapeltown sex worker, in Roundhay Park. Richardson was bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Once she was dead, he mutilated her corpse with a knife. Tyre tracks left near the murder scene resulted in a long list of possible suspect vehicles.

But I imagine that the street parties in Leeds in June will have been as happy as they were in other parts of the country !
1977: Queen celebrates Silver Jubilee
More than one million people have lined the streets of London to watch the Royal Family on their way to St Paul's at the start of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations


The BBC has this event occuring on the 7th June 1977.  That would be a Tuesday by the way.  See how accurate you can be if you just put your mind to it ! 


  1. "In 1977, the presenter didn’t let a recent ankle injury put him off fixing it for children of staff at Broadmoor Hospital to visit Burford’s Cotswold Wildlife Park, hobbling in on crutches."

  2. Aha - another good spot Moor - Chris has just tweeted this
    Chris Barratt ‏@ChrisWBarratt 39m

    @rabbitaway @tequilapixie are, so he's sitting down for his links on the 4/8/77 edition of The Pops cos he'd injured his ankle!

  3. If' "Celia" has a lawyer, he or she will have access to her medical records and know the exact date of her operation at Stoke Mandeville as well as how long she was there and what ward she was in. He or she would also have a crime number issued by Operation Yewtree, as well as the date the allegation was reported (which may have been after the 11th January 2013 when the timeline of allegations you illustrate was published) and a copy of "Celia"'s statement to the officers who interviewed her. It is ridiculous to suggest that she hid her story for another year or so rather than phoning a confidential helpline or that she mentioned it for the first time during the documentary. Unless you can prove that Sir Jimmy was nowhere near Stoke Mandeville when "Celia" was in hospital you won't be able to convince the public she's lying through her teeth.

    1. The viewing public were not told any details about the woman presented as 'Celia' save that she was in SM in 1977 having her tonsils removed. I have no idea WHEN or IF she went to the Police at all. I am just saying that it is strange that anyone would NOT report such a serious incident between Oct 3rd 2013 and Jan 11th 2013 when GVAV was published ! Naturally, I cannot PROVE anything, neither do I HAVE TO unlike the accuser, that is, should her case be put to test in a court of law !

    2. Given that two other stories emanating from Stoke Mandeville relate to a girl being assaulted behind the altar in the chapel DURING a service, and another being assaulted during a satanic ritual in "the cellar", and neither story has ever been refuted, then quite frankly the British public will patently believe anything, so long as it's printed in the 'papers. I daresay that even if it was demonstrated that there was no cellar even existing. No 'paper would print such information anyway; it doesn't sell.

    3. .>I am just saying that it is strange that anyone would NOT report such a serious incident between Oct 3rd 2013 and Jan 11th 2013 when GVAV was published !<
      Not so strange, apparently:

    4. RPhillips, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

      meh. you know what? there comes a point where it is physically impossible for this guy to have abused every single one of the vast number of people that have made allegations. And since it is nigh impossible to tell the chaff from the wheat, I am seriously beginning to doubt the honesty of a single one of them.
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      dunlisnin, Horsham, 4 hours ago

      I'm surprised he had time to work, whilst undoubtedly in many instances there is evidence to support the case against him, i suspect that if the possibility of financial recompense for those alleged victims was removed, there would be less victims coming forth. We will never know the real truth as much as we speculate.
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      RPhillips, London, United Kingdom, 4 hours ago

      THAT's 145 upratings for the top and 111 for the next comment ! Folk are obviously seeing through this now !

  4. In my earlier post, I covered the 'Celia' story as it appeared to be used as almost an add on to the Panorama programme which was, after all, called 'After Savile .. ' 'Celia's story was presented very differently to the others that night in that, all the others HAD resulted in criminal poceedings and convictions. No cloak of anonymity or disguised voice for the first 'victim' whose abuser was tried for his crimes !

    1. Victims of sexual assault have an absolute right to anonymity, as Peaches Geldoff has just found out after naming two women on twitter.

    2. The word is complainant not victim - unless your idea of Justice means that an accusation = proof !

    3. Sorry, I obviously should have said 'victims' like you did when referring to the 'victim' whose abuser was tried and convicted of his crimes, which suggests you don't believe him either.

    4. I guess I'm so used to putting inverted comma's around that word, I slipped up ! I should not have used them in the context of someone whose abuser was tried and convicted for his crimes. I covered the case in my earlier post which you might like to read 'Manditory Reporting ..'

    5. Thanks for the suggestion, but like a lot of other people, I watched the documentary myself and managed to draw my own conclusions without needing anyone to explain it to me. I notice you didn't mention when you 'covered the case' that the monk was convicted and jailed for five years.

    6. I'm glad that you and 'a lot' of others watched the documentary. There certainly was a great deal of information disclosed about the Downside case, as one would expect in the case of a proper Police investigation that led to a trial and a conviction. I won't be researching the court records of the trial of the former monk, but they will be available for public scrutiny should anyone care to examine these !

    7. The average viewing figures for Panorama during 2012 was 2.4 million. Even if only half this number watched the "After Savile" programme, I think you will have to agree a million or more people is really quite 'a lot', although your use of inverted commas here suggests otherwise. Your coverage of the Downside case left out the most important detail, which you did not acknowledge until I mentioned it. Combined with your slip up with the word victim in quotation marks, it doesn't do you any favours or strengthen your arguments.

    8. Unlike you, I read a blog before I comment on it. Here is what I wrote in that blog piece ! Feel free to apologise for your mistake !

      'but first we are told about the case of a real incident/s of abuse, for which the perpetrator was found guilty in a court of law !'

    9. The Peaches Geldoff thing is quite interesting as it reveals that the public has to will itself ignorant about all these "confidential" aspects. I read "the American website" that she is quoted as getting the names from some weeks before Watkins's court date. There is also ample discussion of the matter on "who's dated who" - freely available to anyone who wishes to look. It's all a bit reminiscent of Maggie Thatcher trying to ban Peter Wright's book about MI5 all those years ago, when it was being published in every other country bar the UK.

  5. Justice for the living could well be a thing of the past ... if lawyers get paid so much moor for a 'quick guilty plea' !

  6. Just one thing on pinning down dates to try and root out the lies. Police/CPS are so accommodating that often charges relating to a single incident can be given a 12 month window, yes unbelievable folks but true. My falsely accused husband will not have the opportunity to prove where he was unless he can account for a 365 period many years ago ! Justice is dead in this country.

    Complainants are allowed to get away with this due to their trauma ! which can cause inconsistent memory of events, doesn't stop innocent men going to prison just because they can't remember when something is supposed to have happened.

    1. I've seen windows in excess of three years for ONE assault, reported in a historical case about a teacher. Clearly the defendant will know he is not guilty but how to refute the charge if the date is not specified?

      One account I read suggested that anyone being questioned by police should never account for a date if it has been specified because the police will return and say the complainant has changed the date, so it's best to keep all the cards close to your chest until in the court-room.

      The gay historic abuse case involving the ex-Corrie actor was largely lost because the complainant had moved the events to a year or two before they could possibly have happened (making the complainant under 16) but the defendant was able to demonstrate the falsity of that story by details relevant to the dating of it.

    2. Justice is dead for MEN. Especially straight men. We all know who is composing this tune that the twats at the top are happy to sing along too. In the 21st century West, men are guilty until proven innocent at nothing more than the word of a "victim". It is beyond farcical - it is Salem all over again.

  7. amazing the amount of reserach youve done here.