Saturday, 30 November 2013

The More the (not) Merrier !

Are the British Public getting wise to the fact that they were sold a pup that threatens to cost them a lot more than just money, the longer it goes on !

Yesterday it emerged that another 19 hospitals have been added to the list to be investigated because of claims made against Jimmy Savile. I wonder how many of these new claims arose as a result of 'After Savile ...' the panorama episode produced the same BBC producer  who produced the ill fated, never to reach our televison screens, Newsnight film about former residents at his aunt's school !

Anyway, here they are - just simmering away in the bottom 19 of the now 32 hospitals whose Trusts will be fleeced if SOME get their way !

 I see that the RVI in Newcastle is included  - the Northumbria region was under represented in the first Savile Police NON 'investigation' by comparison to their southern counterparts that is !

As a result of this huge increase in demand for resources to be spent investigating these allegations,  Jeremy Hunt the health Secretary says he expects the 'final reports ... to be completed by June 2014.' Not everyone is happy by the announcement of this fact, in the same Daily Mail article, Ms Dux the solicitor handling the bulk of the claims against Sir Jimmy said 

Liz Dux, head of abuse at Slater and Gordon Lawyers, who represents 72 potential Savile victims, said in October: 'While the victims are encouraged by news that the NHS inquiries will be comprehensive investigations of other institutions that may have been involved, the news that the time-frame for concluding the investigation has been extended until next June will be met with dismay.
'My clients all need closure and whilst we welcome a detailed understanding of how Savile was able to operate unchecked for so many years, at the same time we need to recognise that until these reports are concluded their suffering continues.'

The longer this charade goes on the more ordinary folk will question the amount of time, money and resources being used.  They are also starting to question the claims themselves, ALL OF THEM !

Here are two of the comments left at the end of the Daily Mail article.  They are rated under 'best comments'

I took that snipe if the page at 13.00 today, quite an increase from last night when the figures were 145 and 111 respectively !

Enjoy your weekend Daily Mail readers, I know I will !



  1. I've had three separate people today - all completely unrelated in different circumstances - say along the lines of "it's all a load of rubbish, all about compensation money" - that's three people volunteer such opinion without any influence from me.

  2. I was also very encouraged when I spotted those mail comments. The "story" is starting to wear very thin and may people are becoming sceptical. My prediction for 2014 - Will get even better when Mr Starr wins his libel case and the celeb trials in the new year are shown to be ridiculous show trials with very little substance.

  3. So the police will trawl all child patients attending those hospitals over a couple of decades, inviting them to report ANY abuse with the prospect of compensation, not just "the monster Savile" related abuse - it will be under the "others" section of Yewtree.

    Is this a ploy to destroy the NHS? The doctor's and nurses had better get a plan together for their mutual defence. This could be a sh1tstorm.

  4. 'They' whoever 'they' are, have wanted to 'destroy' the NHS for some years/decades, so this issue presents another brick in their wall so to speak ! The push for 'mandatory' reporting could make for a service that is FAR TOO costly to run, imagine the costs in fighting legal battles every time someone reports someone else because they 'suspect' wrongdoing etc ! Far better to outsource services and make each worker self employed !
    Just thinking is all ..... !! Unite,Unison where are you !

  5. Broadmoor took centre-stage at the height of Savilisation and there was only ONE allegation and it was not true - plapably NOT TRUE.... So far as I know, there has only been one in addition, although it could be the same one as these stories often are multiples of the same person.

    This is where the story unravels into a tangle of unknowing. If Steven George is 60, as reported, then when she was 17, it would have been 1969 when she was sent to Broadmoor. So when exactly were these assaults supposed to have happened? Patrick McGrath's father ran the place until 1981 and his son makes it clear about the nature of the regime. After 1981 Alison/Steven would have been 30. Was she even still in Broadmoor by then? She had gender reassignment in 1984 after she had left, we are told, but no deeper information than that.