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Our friends in the North East !

There's a rather quaint saying in the North east of England which goes like this, "Hadaway an' shite man" or, in other words "don't talk nonsense my good man !"

When the 'Savile' "polis"  released their findings into their non investigation made into claims against Jimmy in January 2013, I was relieved to see that the North East was vastly under represented in the "Jimmy Savile abused me " chart !

At the time I concluded that the reason for this might be because Jimmy spent so little time in the North East, but now I find that he actually visited the area many times.  Those visits included trips to at least one hospital according to an article published in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle on the 30th November 2013.  I have no idea WHY the writer chose to include another hospital (Dryburn) in  her reporting, given the FACT that 

Health bosses in the region say the investigation in Newcastle relates to one former patient of a children’s ward at the RVI contacting the police Savile inquiry line, and the Dryburn probe does not involve any contact with Savile and a patient.

It goes on :

The alleged incident in Newcastle is thought to have taken place in the early 1990’s when Savile arrived at the hospital unannounced around the time of the Great North Run, which he regularly took part in.

Three days later and the Chronicle presents an update of the story in the form of a nurse who says that Jimmy actually visited a children's cancer ward in May of 1987 !

Phil Brown remembers encountering the disgraced radio and TV presenter in May 1987 at ward 16 south where youngsters were receiving treatment for leukaemia. Today he is calling on hospital chiefs at the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to let the public know the exact dates of his visits.

Mr Brown goes on to describe Jimmy's visit as having been in June of that year, his memory no doubt being assisted by the FACT that the Great North Run did, in fact take place in June of that year !

“It was in June 1987 and a pivotal weekend because it was the Great North Run. I have rung the NSPCC and police involved in Operation Yewtree as speaking as a nurse, I am dismayed. I’m not the only one who remembers him visiting.
“The moment it came out that he had been in Newcastle I informed the RVI. So far I think they’ve got their dates wrong. People need to be aware he visited in 1987.

It will be interesting to see if the 1990's claimant can be as specific as the former nurse, especially given the fact that the Trust have already stated

 A Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said they “had found no evidence of any wrong-doing” by the disgraced television presenter.

So, back to my initial point about how often Jimmy visited this wonderful area of the United Kingdom, Jimmy apparently missed the first Great North Run in 1981 but he certainly did take part in 1982 and was 'involved' the next 25 Great North runs according to John Caine an organiser of the early GNR's !

Indeed, Sir Jimmy was initiated into the Great North Run Hall of fame in 2009 

 The Jim’ll Fix It host, who died aged 84, was inducted into the Great North Run Hall of Fame in 2009 and is described on the Nova website as a “universally popular” figure who “was recognised for the vast contribution he has made, particularly with the highly-popular junior runs”.

Seven days after the above article mentioned the possibility of his name being removed from the Hall of Fame - IT WAS !
David Hart, communications director at race organisers Nova International, said: "We decided to remove his name and image from our Hall of Fame website.
"We took the measure out of respect of public opinion surrounding Mr Savile. We are waiting for the conclusion of the police investigation before taking any further action.

And, all because of ONE allegation, that would presumably be one of the TWO noted in GVAV !

A teenage girl from the Durham area has come forward claiming to be a victim of a sexual offence against Jimmy Savile in the late 1960’s.

The Sky article attracted one comment which I include because it made me smile !

Sir Jimmy Savile did not just visit The North East because of his charitable endeavours or because he presented various televison shows including one for Tyne Tees Televison in the 60', he came because he had family and friends there !

One special friend of Jimmy from Marsden, 93 year old Edna Thompson, had this to say about the claims made in October 2012

She said: “I simply couldn’t believe it when I heard about these accusations. It’s unbelievable.
“I knew Jimmy for 50 years, and the things they are saying in no way tally with the man I knew.
“Why did these people not come forward when he was alive so he had a chance to defend himself?
“I am the sort who gets a vibe about someone, I either take to a person or I don’t, and Jimmy was not capable of the things they are saying he did.
“He would turn up at my house and we’d talk for hours. 

So, Jimmy Savile was indeed no stranger to the North East of England.  He missed the first GNR but he was still running 21 years after his first.  He found himself in the company of a few other famous faces including the then Minister for Sport, oh, and who is that other chap ? Answers on a postcard !

See ya later marra's !



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  1. There is a terrible circularity in all this. Once the Spindler Cops said Savile was the worst sexual predator in the history of the UK and everyone chose to believe it, then plainly wherever he had been, SOMEONE must have been a victim..... stands to reason... dunnit.....

    Praise be for Edna. At 92 even the disgraces calling themselves "journalists" wouldn't pick on her - as they did to Janet Cope last year - a mere stripling of 70.