Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Others !

It looks like British Television viewers are not getting their Christmas treat from the BBC this year.  Perhaps they think we've had enough of scary stories for a while.  Me, I love the the Ghost Stories for Christmas - filmed adaptions of the stories of M R James 

One that always sets the wintry, Christmas mood for me is the 1968 Omnibus production 'Whistle and I'll come to you' featuring Michael Hordern - as a slightly odd, academic who unearths an old whistle at the site of a knights Templar cemetery in the dunes of the  East Anglian coast where he is holidaying. The scary scene is set when, shortly after his excavation, he looks over his shoulder and sees a forboding figure in the distance !

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen this excellent film yet.  You see, I was inspired to write this blog piece after reading Moor Larkins latest.

 The title 'Who are you Who Who Who' got me thinking about that scene where Hordern cleans his whistle and finds the inscription 

"WHO IS THIS WHO IS COMING" - Blimey, you just know that the old boy is going to regret blowing that whistle - just like you just know that some day, sooner or later, someone is going to be very sorry that they summoned the dark forces unleashed in the minds of a very small minority of hateful, spiteful people in September/October  2012.

Here's a link to the full film - Enjoy !

 Which leads me nicely into another fave film of mine that has a nice twist to it.  Things are certainly not what they appear to be in the strange Jersey household inhabited by Nicole Kidman , her two children and three servants.  'The Others' centres around things that go bump not just in the night but all the time.  It looks as though Ms Kidman's home is haunted and it is only at the end that we discover the truth OR DO WE ?

"What did your mother do to you "
The little girl whispers in her ear, then the blind medium's helper reads what she has written or drawn 
"Something about a pillow"

We like to feel safe, we like to feel secure in the knowledge that those whose job it is to protect us against the darker sides of human nature will do just that.  The thought that certain elements within the Law could be working against the principals of Justice is nearly as, if not, moor scary than anything M R James or Charles Dickens could throw at us ! After all, what could be worse than your own mother sticking a pillow over you head becuase she's gone mad with the loss of her husband in World War Two ?

What could be worse, or come a close second ? Well, being accused of something you have not done especially if you are dead and have no way of defending yourself from beyond, might do it.  Oh, but I hear some folk who haven't had such an awful thing happen to them or someone they love, it doesn't matter if their dead.  Well, it does bloody matter, it matters to those of us who still believe in Right and Wrong ! 

When something is NOT RIGHT it bugs us, well, it bugs SOME OF US.  We want to know what is going on, we want to find out what 'the intruder' in our head wants from us.  There may be no such thing as an afterlife, there may be no such thing as ghosts but, there certainly is such a thing as intuition or Sixth Sense if you like.

 "I see dead people"
"In your dreams ?"
"All the time" 

You have to have a heart, you have to give a damn about people in general not just those you deem worthy of Respect and Love.  You have to wonder WHAT IS WRONG with those who peddle hate, fear and mistrust.  

Perhaps their hearts have been stolen ?

 "Lost Hearts" is a ghost story by M. R. James, found in his 1904 book Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. The tale tells the story of Stephen, a young orphan boy, who is sent to stay with his much older cousin at a remote country mansion. His cousin is a reclusive alchemist obsessed with making himself immortal. Stephen is repeatedly troubled by visions of a young gypsy girl and a traveling Italian boy with their hearts missing.

At the end of the film, the innocents murdered by the evil self serving alchemist return and reclaim the hearts he stole from them.  In real life we don't have to put up with others nicking our hearts or minds for that matter and if we do then we only have ourselves to blame.  As for the perpetrators of misery, well, who knows, perhaps what comes around really does go around ! The VOICES OF THE INNOCENT will be heard -  "We are coming for you !"

More Christmas goodies to come friends !


  1. Never mind who they are............

    What do they WANT.............

  2. @Moor 'What do they Want' - unfortunately only 'They' know that ! Any idea's anyone ?

  3. Join me at 7.20 tonight for a special get together - that's 2.20 pm in New York, 11.20 am Los Angeles, 3.20 am in China, 11.20 pm in Moscow and 8.20 pm in Western Europe !! Big Smiley face !!

  4. Anonymous from Moor's Blog - the Anonymous who uses phrases like "pseudo-democracy" :)

    The foot-soldiers who write silly scare-mongering lies in the media, or who attend workshops on the prevalence of paedophilia organised by their school or Social Service employer, or who draw up guidelines for protecting their employer from accusations that the organisation turns a blind eye to paedophiles - are simply doing their job. What they have to do to keep their job.

    The people who pull the strings fall into three separate categories: (1) those who have no clue about anything at all and will go along with any nonsense because they don't think it affects them and it gives them a reason to look very powerful, concerned and deeply committed when in fact they are none of those things: (2) the "true believers" (a tiny group) who are motivated by a desire to exercise power and control and feel righteous doing so and (c) the con artists, who are always looking round for an opportunity to make themselves important and well-remunerated.

    The rest of us are just the dupes. We don't count at all. Those who pull the strings know that when the game is up, we'll let them off the hook because it will be too embarrassing to admit we fell for it. Who now (assuming they are still alive) would be willing to admit "Well, at the time, we all thought Senator Joe McCarthy was probably right"?

  5. Hi 'Anonymous' from Moor's - like how you identify yourself - some great comments from you today - 'we' shouldn't let 'them' off the hook should we and 'we' don't cos 'we' ain't involved in any of it ... Big Smiley face to you :-)