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Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy Pt 2

Broadmoor what do we know about Jimmy Savile's role there ? How strange that most of us only became aware that Jimmy had an association with this institution after his death, when claims of sexual abuse were made against him in September 2012 !

But, my friends, this was NOT the first time that the Hospital was to be the focus of such claims.  Jimmy Savile was still very much alive in early 2003 when stories of abuse of women patients, not by staff but by other patients emerged in the press two years after a staff member first reported her concerns.

 Two days later, the Guardian also ran the story.

Ms Wassell had been collecting her data on abuse of female patients for THREE YEARS !

 The Guardian calls it's article 'Broadmoor Cover-up - another whistle blower suffers'.  How many 'whistle blowers' have there been ? and, how many, if any, raised concerns about Jimmy Savile ?  Let's not underestimate the seriousness of this inquiry, which resulted in talk of the removal of women patients altogether from the hospital !

All that data collecting over THREE YEARS surely the whistle blower would have heard SOMETHING about the most famous member of staff ? Well, it looks as though she did not !

This week Cllr Wassell said she has been contacted by several newspapers and TV stations to give advice about the historic culture at Broadmoor.
And the Liberal Democrat told the Bucks Free Press: "It didn’t surprise me when I heard that Jimmy Savile had been accused of abuse at Broadmoor in the 1980s...
"When I was at Broadmoor there was a macho, old-fashioned culture in a closed institution. Clearly if male offenders had managed to get access to women patients then it wouldn’t be difficult for a celebrity with keys to do so.
"I believe the accounts of women who are now speaking out about Broadmoor. I find it ironic that when I properly reported my concerns I had my keys to Broadmoor removed, but that Jimmy Savile was given keys."

This was not the first time that Cllr Wassell's opinion about women in Broadmoor was sought post 2003.  Indeed, the press were still reporting the imminent relocation of Broadmoor's women in September 2005.

 The final sentence in the following extract from the same piece struck a chord with me !

The same "names" "over and over again".  You would think that had Jimmy been involved in any abuse here, this woman would have heard something ?

One 'Senior NHS Executive' to voice an opinion about Jimmy's role at the hospital was Ray Rowden.  Here's what he had to say in October 2012 !

I'm seeing a pattern emerging here - Mr Rowden like Ms Wassell also had an opportunity to raise any concerns he may have had about Jimmy in 2003.  He did not !

I find it hard to believe that the Press, the Prison Officers association, one of the largest Public Service Unions (Unison) and all the other bodies involved in the 2003 scandal would failed to uncover the fact that Jimmy Savile was abusing patients in Broadmoor Hospital.  

So what was Jimmy doing in Broadmoor and how did he come to be there in the first place ? Join me next time and I'll tell you Moor !

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  1. It's hard to understand why folk lie the way they do. There's been retired coppers and old, washed-up TV interviewers. It's like they are stepping back into a limelight only they can see. I guess too, that maybe there is some other inducement. It's all a bit mad.

    The BBC could help a lot by releasing the 40 Minutes documentary they made of savile there in 1989 or so. The Beeb has put film of two old paedophiles, who are now subject to internet assault, so why are the BBC withholding that old docu? I think we should be told.