Saturday, 1 March 2014

Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy !

I see that Slater and Gordon are soliciting for more claimants to come forward ! This time, Ms Dux has Broadmoor Hospital in her sights !

Ms Dux, you may recall appeared on a Panorama program last year called 'After Savile - No more secrets' which included a story of a 12 year old girl being raped in a public area of Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  I've blogged about this before, so I won't repeat myself, but you might want to read these blogs posts !

 Ms Dux intimated in the program (produced by Meirion Jones, nephew of the headmistress at Duncroft School from whence the claims about JS first came ) that there was so much more for the public to know about JS in relation to his hospital work ! So, I guess it was inevitable that she followed up her success in the High Court on Wednesday with another call for more 'victims' to come forward

I can't imagine why Ms Dux would believe that there were any more potential claimants out there after all, it's not as if everyone, including former patients of hospitals etc cannot now be unaware of the opportunity that has been provided for their voice to be heard !

Thankfully, the silent majority also have a platform should they decide to start speaking up for Sir Jimmy.  The recent Yewtree trials showed us the importance of character witnesses, so let's start shall we, let's raise our voices and see who can shout the loudest ! I'll start with a story, and that is all it is so far, a story, hearsay evidence of the good that Sir Jimmy did at Broadmoor Hospital.  Hang on to your hats guys and gals, this could be the start of something wonderful !

BTW, this particular story began with an innocuous enough tweet from Barbara Hewson last night !

After further exchanges about the institution's history along with it's current security provisions, the conversation naturally got round to JS.

 The  lady went on !

 This lady has more than one story to tell from her meetings with Broadmoor folk !

She goes on !

By way of background information this same lady tells me that she is a showbiz person herself and, whilst she never actually met JS, she does have first hand knowledge of security provisions at the BBC even in the 70's *

She went on !

Ok, back to Broadmoor, anyone wanting to know moor about the place should check out the video film Ms Hewson intially mentioned, in it I found a layout of the place, it's a big place isn't it !

Obviously, that's an old map, it refers to Broadmoor as a 'Criminal Lunatic Asylum' ! It's a nice film though, the folk who built such institutions obviously had the best of intentions.  Goodness, the Law even said that the building had to have views that were 'uplifting and healthy' !  Broadmoor was described as having "a benign, moral regime and it imposed a regulated day with time for work, leisure activities and, in that manner it put an order into lives that had previously been chaotic"
We know that Jimmy Savile was part of a task force established to oversee changes in the regime at the hospital in 1988. Whoever, made the decision that these changes had to be made obviously had the same good intentions as their predecessors !  

Some time ago Moor Larkin mentioned in his blog about how the film 'Inside Broadmoor' made in 1989 as part of the forty Minutes series and featuring Jimmy, appears to have disappeared from public access.  Surely, this film should be available for us all to see, if not, shouldn't we be asking WHY ?

Looking forward to hearing Jimmy's friends voices in the not too distant future .... Guys and gals ! xx

* Addendum 2nd March 12.30 pm GMT

Ms Walters advises me that whilst she has worked in television, she has never actually worked for the BBC.




  1. Oh God, it was well-known and just discussed recently in Francis Wheen's book "Strange Days Indeed" about the 70s that M15 had its own wee office at Broadcasting House (probably still has, for all I know), and everyone who worked for the Beeb was well and truly checked out. It was a matter of State Security that Beeboids be above reproach: the power of the international broadcaster as The Voice of Britain during the Cold War meant Whitehall was absolutely paranoid about the probity of BBC staff. Maybe things changed when John Birt became DG after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Everything I've read about Broadmoor, (including for my sins several books about the horror Ian Brady) indicates that it was just what you would imagine a high-security mental hospital to be. It's no accident that the ghastly Brady has been on hunger strike (albeit drip-fed) for two decades simply because he wants out of the place and into a maximum security prison for the general population of offenders.

    The notion that JS was casually popping in and out of Broadmoor with his little bunch of keys to have his way with some of the most dangerous female offenders in Britain is beyond ludicrous. Just how stupid are we presumed to be? "PD"

  2. I found the following in a BBC article quite laughable !

    'In an interview with the BBC one former patient at Broadmoor said Savile had already been turned away by Rampton hospital in Nottinghamshire.'

    How the hell does he/she know that JS had been 'turned away' from Rampton ? Jeeze do we really pay these cretins for 'news'

  3. BTW, look out for the ads that the solicitors are said to be running in the papers advertising for 'victims' to claim their compo !

    1. I've always been a bit baffled as to the prominence ACPO/BBC/NSPCC gave to Broadmoor. Channel 4 were primed to do virtually a whole main news based on it one night, and of course Williams-Thomas themed his whole sequel show around it.... and yet there were no victims even for them to tout.

      It's struck me since that they made a grave miscalculation. I can imagine them thinking that a population of the "criminally insane" would be a breeze to generate hundreds of claims from. They'd been locking up the lonnies for so long, they had forgotten that their victims were mostly not criminals at all, but people who had had mental breakdown issues but had recovered. So these folk were most certainly NOT criminally-inclined by nature, and so have behaved accordingly by not telling so many lies as all the other places the cohort of witch-hunters have bestrode.

      I wonder if the advertising of easy money will prove irresistible in the end though. I would guess that Jimmy Savile was one of the few persons to ever show them any kindness, or treat them like proper human beings, so I'm banking on them ignoring the Entreaties from the Gorgon from Slater.

      Here's a reminder of the film the BBC don't want you to see. I'll bet Jimmy comes across as a veritable working-class saint.

    2. I think your point is very well made - although it is the case that most Broadmoor residents now and then have been routed there via the court system (see my post below) and not as a matter of general psychiatric referral. It strikes me that two famous inhabitants of Broadmoor at precisely the time JS was head-hunted to "clean up Broadmoor's image" were the Silent Twins. Only Jennifer Gibson now survives after her sister died in 1993, but it was from then onwards her mental health improved to the point that she could be released into the wider community, where as far as we know, she has lived quietly and peaceably ever since. Her general whereabouts is known (unlike Thompson and Venables she was not furnished with a new identity) but as far as I know, no one has mentioned her in connection with the Savile affair at all.

      But he absolutely would have met both sisters. Strange how what was once such a veritable cause celebre, the subject of TV documentaries etc has now disappeared off the radar entirely. The promulgators of the Dark Legend of Jimmie Savile have really missed a golden opportunity here, yeah, right. :) "PD"

  4. The only claimant from Broadmoor has all the same problems about time, date and place as all the other Savile victims. You may recall the added complication that the girl later became a man.

    "Steven kept quiet "at first"? When was this? Alison would be 17 in 1969. Was this the "at first"? She implies she was a teenager, so it must be no later than 1970. When did Alison leave? She would have been 28 by 1980. If she was in there for as long as 12 years she must have had major mental health issues I would have thought. Perhaps someone reading this might have more idea about such matters."

  5. God alone knows why I have an interest in high security mental facilities, but I do. I'm sure JS would have said the same :) Broadmoor is not now and never was a psychiatric hospital for those convicted of criminal offences, but the majority of inmates have come from the courts: either because they were found to have a serious mental disorder, whether or not it amounted to the legal definition of insanity, or they were deemed unfit to plead, for the same reason. That's why most staff are members of the Prison Officers Association rather than the National Health trades unions.

    It would be extremely unusual for an inmate not subject to a custodial (prison) sentence to spend more than 5 years there before being found alternative provision, or released. It costs an absolute fortune to maintain residents, as you can imagine,
    so the pressure is not to keep them there indefinitely but to find some place else they can go. I have no idea why Alison found herself there in the first place, but if she was in for 12 years, that was a pretty long stretch indeed for someone not in the Brady/Sutcliffe category. "PD"

  6. Cue another blog on Broadmoor - I have some interesting material for this ! Thnx 'PD' and Moor ! xx

  7. Its getting bloody ridiculous.
    Are we to believe that Jim was touching up Ron Kray or Roy Shaw.
    What about the cannibal killer or Charlie Bronson.
    These people are insulting my intelligence. Ive hsd enough of thid old bollocks.Mind reading old bill. Chewing gum pickeruppers who become experts on crime and children and fat ugly lesbian man haters running the judiciary.
    Get me out of here!!

  8. MWT and Dux are stirring the shit again on twitter about Dame J's review - fair enough, they got my answer !

  9. I dont believe Ian Brady was ever a patient at Broadmoor. I think you will find he has been held in a secure hospital in Liverpool for many years.

    1. That's correct he's in Ashworth Hospital and has been for decades !

  10. He went from the most charitable weird eccentric to the worlds worst demonic monster overnight once he died.

    Scientists need to work on a way to bring people back from the afterlife to defend themselves. "flatliners" only plays at it.
    We know it can be argued that he was never legally challenged properly in his life. This most likely due to JS being far too close to the upper reaches of society in the UK.
    It is far more embarassing now though (to them) to have a dead man accused of such despical acts in their domain. Especially given the fact that it is alleged it mostly happened without their knowledge of it.

    Have all the senior agencies been covering it all up?

    You'd have had Sir Jim down as a manipulater but a leader of the highest masonic order? Seems to be pushing the limit - Barry Hearn and his ilk may hold all the keys.

    chewing gum takes jaw bones