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Reaching in - Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy Pt 6

The above is the front cover of a book of poems by the inmates if Maidstone Prison in Kent published in 1979.  On page 2, the reader is advised that the 'primary objective in producing this book is to create a fund of money which can be donated to children's charities.......The book can also serve to illustrate the point that despite being in prison, it is possible for people to use their energies and creative ability for the benefit and greater good of society.'

I have no idea how Jimmy Savile came to be associated with this effort, but he is obviously supportive of the men inside !

Is Broadmoor a hospital or a Prison ? Jimmy appears to have been quite heavily involved with both.  Here's somthing you might be surprised to learn - the clue is on the cover guys and gals !

What the hell has Lord L got to do with JS I hear you ask ? Well, quite a bit as it happens, read on !

The 'committee' included some famous names from the world of popular music !

The above is an extract from the following book available online via google P127

Offensive Literature: Decensorship in Britain, 1960-1982

 By John Sutherland

I'm not sure Jimmy had much involvement, I'm still burrowing for more information.  An article in the Telegraph two years later suggests he didn't have much, if anything, to say on the subject !


Goodness, it was all happening in 1970' , no wonder the powers that be are trying to expunge it's memories of the time.  Thirty four years later at the time of Longfords death (October 2006), one ex MP recall's his involvement with the committee !

 The BBC article includes this from Jon Snow one of our leading News Presenters 

 Other people's sex Lives was a political issue then as now and a very serious one at that.  I managed to find moor information about the committee and it's mission in a book about Paul Raymond !

 The 'billionaire king of Soho' s book continues 

 (From  'Members Only the life and times of Paul Raymond' extract available online.)

'Conference ? I wonder if any of the meetings was televised at the time.  Mrs Whitehouse was indeed a television star, I remember she seemed to be frequently when I was a kid.

A certain fledgling newspaper was in the sights of the righteous few/Majority in the early 70's !

 The Sun 'in the dock' ? How times change, forty years later and they and the rest of the msm are colluding with the moral minority to put entertainers from the 1970's in the dock ! 

The above extract from 'The Arts in the 1970's Cultural closure' by Dr Bart Moore-Gilbert includes the Political impact of the 

Have I go off the subject guys and gals, or have I gone on it ? The Tories were successful in 1979, I doubt that they will fare as well in the next election.

 Lord Longford and Jimmy appear to have something in common though wouldn't you agree ?  Here's how the 2006 BBC article on the death of Longford summed up the man and his life's work.

 Strangely enough, the Longford Report made an appearance in the Guardian 41 years after it's first publication.  The September 2013 piece makes mention of the fact that JS was a member of the committee.  Obviously, the writer was not as interested in his subject as I am in mine.  Maybe he/she did not know that the man his industry has been touting as a monster for the previous 12 months was linked to Longford's moral crusade.

Maybe !

Some readers might consider the following extract a little sanctimonious to say the least given this rag's endorsement of the latest moral purity movement !
Read that sentence under the photo again Guys and Gals ! Another philanthropist who cared about those others spurn !

NEXT TIME - Prisoner's or Patients - Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy Part 7


  1. I recall a cartoon of the day had Longford's head morphing into a penis. Not arf....

    Just as an aside rabbit, I recall coming across a reference to one of Longford's female advisers/workers also bearing the name, Savile, so I have wondered if Jim's involvement got very confused. I believe this woman went to the Scandinavia with Longford and Brandreth, but Jimmy certainly did not.

  2. I don't imagine Sir Francis Camps or the Archbishop of York went to Copenhagen either. My first thought about Jimmy's inclusion was, that this issue might have featured in one of his Speakeasy's, or could Jimmy and Cliff have been chosen to partake because of their Faith but who knows ?

  3. Jimmy was involved with the Billy Graham crusades, which Cliff Richard more famously became linked to at the time. Speakeasy was part of the BBC Religious Dept so the Evangelical thing would have been an important story.

    You may recall Jimmy made a small news-splash once when he mounted his own small protest about the Streaking phenomenon, so I can quite imagine he was no fan of Pornography, but then no man of his age would be back then; I know what my parents thought about it all...... ;-))

  4. Just for the record, I tracked down Lord Longford's original Committee and Jimmy is NOT included. There is a Dr. Christine Saville of University College London, so whether her name created historical confusion I don't know. I would guess Jimmy's involvement was purely to host a Speakeasy or maybe a Savile's Travel.

    I would guess somebody made a mistake, wrote a book and then this error has been perpetuated down the years. When I was unravelling the career of Patrick McGoohan I found a number of credits for shows that he never did. The internet is very good at creating mythology and mistakes. Nobody want to do the work of researching a subject properly, except for the maybe for the odd folks like you rabbit. It's certainly not something journalists are much good for now, they just copy/paste and tweet their lies and untruths and wait for the thumbs-ups.

  5. Funny you should say that Moor, my next blog posts includes a reference to someone who is often cited as being an inmate/patient in BM, when, he has in fact NEVER been there !