Sunday, 27 April 2014

Part of the same thing !

It's funny what you find when you go looking for something else !  Above is an extract from an article written by a man called Richard McCann who is known as a 'motivational speaker'.  It was published as a tribute to Jimmy on the date his death was announced. So what, I hear you lot asking me again ? Well, here's an amazing fact ; Richard McCann is the son of Wilma McCann who was murdered by this man !

I did a double take as I read his opening paragraph !

I had heard of this man before I found his tribute to Jimmy today. I've read stories published about the impact his mother's death had on him. He is, indeed a remarkable man. One thing that he most certainly is NOT is a victim, least ways, not in his own eyes. 

Here's what Richard went through -

It gets worse !

Things were tough for Richard and his siblings for many years !

In March 2010 he wrote about forgiveness -

I have not seen any articles containing Richard and his thoughts post October 2011. I have a strong feeling that his opinion of Jimmy has not altered too much since then. After all, his tribute is still online, he hasn't taken it down. 

The woman who told Richard that she wrote to Jim'll fix it when she was six, now works for channel five news. I hope one of these days she gets to tell a different story to the one's we've been hearing since September 2012In the meantime we could do worse than follow Mr McCann's motivational advice !


  1. Since finishing I found out that Richard's sister Sonia Newlands committed suicide on December 19th 2007 - RIP !

  2. What a terribly sad story in every way. That folk can live their lives with such fortitude in the face of real pain should be a lesson, but who wants to have to work hard at life, when they can just have fun and be popular.