Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Part of something bigger !

Almost as soon as I'd finished my last post I was told that Richard McCann may have changed his opinion about Jimmy Savile. On November 4th the following story was published in the Sun Newspaper.

The tabloids published a photograph of Jimmy Savile with Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper two years before Jimmy's death, this one *

I've used this image because it clearly indicates the date that it appeared online on this site !

Where it gets really interesting is the fact that Richard McCann gave his reaction to the sudden appearance of this photo said to have been taken in 1991. I haven't found the actual article but the online poster copied his comments. Apologies, some words are missing but you get the idea.

This definitely happened  in 2009, the Sun has a paywall now and I'm sure as hell not paying those buggers, but I did find this !

Strewth, it's hard to see that date innit ? But, I burrowed further and found this !

Some of us were surprised to find just how much the rags obviously hated Jimmy Savile after September 2012 when Exposure was made. The fact that they revisited the scene of the crimes of another Yorkshire man in November of that year, only serve to prove just deep that hatred went.

Naturally, in March 2009 the same newspaper would have been keen to dish any dirt on Jimmy Savile.  After all, he had taken a substantial amount of money off them following their attempt to link him to the child murders that never happened in Jersey.

£30,000 I think it was Jimmy got off them by way of settlement out of court. But let's go back to a real crime now, or should I say, the crime spree that was launched the day Jimmy Savile died. Within weeks of Exposure, that photo of Sutcliffe, Savile and Bruno reappeared - just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. For now, the press were seriously suggesting that Jimmy might actually have either been, or been an accomplice of the 'Yorkshire Ripper' !

One person who supported the theory that Jimmy could actually have been a murderer was Prof David Wilson a lecturer from Birmingham University who just happens to have tutored Mark Williams-Thomas.

The same online article goes on to include the comments made by Richard McCann in response to the Sun article (see first image above). 

I wonder what the son of the first accepted VICTIM of the 'Yorkshire Ripper' feels about the media's exploitation of his and other women's brutal deaths, for surely this is what this is. Richard was just SIX YEARS OLD when he and his sister went out looking for their mother almost 40 years ago (October 29th 1975)

In 2010 Richard McCann expressed relief at the High Court's decision that Peter Sutcliffe should NEVER be released from prison. A year later, despite that earlier attempt to cast Jimmy in a bad light, he uploaded a special tribute to Jimmy on his site and it's still there !

* More information on the Yorkshire Ripper Case can be found here -


  1. Jimmy's DNA passed through Scotland Yard with the co-operation of his next-of-kin as I understand it. I think they held it for a year. It matched nothing. That would include the Ripper cases I am sure. I can understand the man needing to question the Ripper situation because of his own mother, but in truth the whole idea was utterly preposterous from the very beginning - like so much of this stuff. I think only the Mail ever even mentioned the DNA negative amongst all of the national press.

  2. I wondered what Richard McCann would think if he knew about your exploitation of his mother's tragic death and your speculations about his feelings concerning Jimmy Savile, so I left a message on his website with a link to this page in case he would like to comment.

  3. Had a bad day 'anonymous' ? Let's see if we can't make tomorrow any better ! Now that the truth about the origins of the cowardly attack on Sir Jimmy is finally coming out, those of good intent will indeed be happy. Part 2 of Anna Raccoon's blog should be published very shortly !