Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Savile's Travails 1989 - Inside Broadmoor with Jimmy Pt 8

I've chosen a header alleged to be from the Guardian Newspaper dated 1.11.1989.  I found this courtesy of another blogger who has published numerous extracts from the press on the subject of 'paedophiles' - thank you Sir for bring me this !

The page is difficult to read even though the blogger breaks it down into 3 pieces, but Guys and Gals I did what i needed to do to inform you the reader as best I could - here goes !

So, Jimmy was managing building works at BM - what else was he doing ?

More about the building works !

'prevented things getting completely out of control' - nice one Jim !

Good, now we've moved onto the patients and THE OUTINGS Jimmy arranged for them ! Jimmy is described a 'chair' of the BM 'management board' !

Jimmy's words starting from "For the last 20 years ... " could have been lifted from David Cohen's analysis of the problems faced by the patients who were not wanted by any other hospital once they were ready to leave BMH.

Alan Franey co authored a book - this one !


 Extracts from the book are available online for folk who wish to know more about the state of High Security Hospitals in England circa 1988. It was published in 1998 !

I read with astonishment, that things were so bad between the management and the staff that they considered bring the army in !


Bad enough not being able to get out for a pee during the night eh !

Sounds like a good guy who gave a shit doesn't it ? 

In my last piece I promised you details of another author who visited BMH and mentioned Jimmy Savile.  Marjorie Wallace wrote a book called 'The Silent Twins' about two 18 year old girls admitted to BMH in June 1982 for, amongst other things, arson.  It's an intriguing, but very sad story and certainly worth a read.  Here's an article from the Independent in 1993 about the tragic death of one of them !

Ms Wallace mentions Jimmy in her book, again, these extracts are available online !

She goes on 

The book was first published in 1986 although the above is taken from the 1998 edition.  I wondered what Ms Wallace makes of the Savile revelations especially given the fact that she is Chief Executive of Sane a leading Mental Health charity that she founded in 1986 !

 Goodness, another great person with a conviction to do good unto others.  I wanted to know moor about her, it seems that she was an investigative journalist too !

Sorry, it's hard to see but that says, The Sunday Times 1972 to 1989.

I'm not sure Marjorie believes the stories about Jimmy if this 2013 piece about 'BBC Groper's' is anything to go by !

Ms Wallace is indeed a most remarkable woman whose husband, a Polish Count no less, died around the same time as Jimmy ! She has certainly had an interesting life !

I haven't quite finished my stay at Broadmoor yet.  I may get a parole pass and wonder around the gardens, I could do with a break !



  1. Great digging Rabbit, but JS was chair of the advisory board not the management board. In other words a bunch of worthies who had no clout whatsoever

  2. Sounds like the main thing they used was his expertise derived from the rebuilding of Stoke Mandeville. I would guess he was cheap, free in fact. No wonder he became a government favourite.... :-D

    You'll recall that one of the few documented libel cases he ever pursued was in 1989 and he won. The newspapers were printing stories that Savile was letting all the loonies go free......... I believe he won several hundred thousand. It wouldn't surprise me if it got spent at Broadmoor. He seemed to like to render unto Caesar. A giant among pygmies it seems, and never moor so than today.

    You too Rabbit. Very illuminating.

  3. Good work!

  4. Thanks everyone, I bin researching for weeks but this piece just flew out of me today. I really believe that Jimmy helped makes these poor souls lives more bearable. Imagine having to slop out in the morning, and being stuck in a room with a TV stuck on one channel. I'm really interested in this subject, not just bse of JS, the mentally ill get a fucking raw deal don't they ?

  5. Here's the link to the last article I forgot to add !