Friday, 18 April 2014

When Irish eyes are smiling !

On the 10th April 1998 an agreement was reached in Belfast that came to be known as 'The Good Friday Agreement'. In theory, this ended 30 years of what we all referred to as 'the troubles'. But the road that led to this historic event was a long, painful one. 

 I was in Ireland myself that day and I remember the folks reactions as the news was announced in the early evening !

When I started on my blog last year I had no idea that Jimmy Savile made numerous trips to Northern Ireland, but he was indeed one of the few celebrities to show his support for the ordinary people living through those awful times. 

In 1976 three children were killed by a car whose driver, an IRA fugitive had been shot by the army. The sister of the mother of one of the children went on to form a movement for peace called the community of Peace People or the Peace People for short.

The co founders, Betty and Mairead won the Nobel Prize for Peace a year later, but in September 1976 the former issued a plea of sorts for someone to help organise a pop festival in Ulster !

She had her sights set on a certain 'star' don't you know !

On Saturday 13th November Jimmy was there !

The walk was indeed well planned !

The Peace people in East Belfast and Jimmy doing his thing !

 Someone else recalls the day with affection !

Jimmy did the same walk in 1979 !

 The photo is from a facebook page which describes the event 

Strangely enough, that entry is dated just a month before Jimmy died.  In the aftermath of Exposure, the papers went on the hunt for less happy recollections of those events, and they almost found at least one here !

What on Earth is she going on about 'without realising it' ? She did 'realise something though !

Blimey, surely she should be grateful, but no, cue a potential case of False memory !

The same site published another article on the subject.

Here are a few extracts !

Cue a trawl for stories !

 I like to end on a happy note and don't think for a minute that I'm finished with Ireland or even Northern Ireland yet in my quest for Justice for Jimmy. But I must tell you this - it's surreal !

I wasn't sure what to call this blog post, but my mind suddenly settled on the song - 'When Irish Eyes are smiling' ! My blog kind of made itself up as it went along, but after coming to that bit about the Peace People I had to do a double take as I read Ms Williams plea for help from September 1976 again !

Happy Easter guys and gals - these half Irish eyes are smiling at you.


  1. Some folk seem to have no grasp even of their own reality. The urge to conform is frighteningly strong. On one of my blogs, I touched on victims of The Troubles.

    "She was just “girl in hospital bed 1972”. She was just a prop for whatever story the newspapers were selling that week. In due course she would become a prop of the David Icke forum, perhaps another victim of the Beast. Why care about who the heck the “girl in hospital bed 1972” was, when you can have such fun HATING the Paedo holding her hand?"

  2. Nice one Moor ! Yes, this is one picture that made all of us angry but for very different reasons. Who is this girl, what happened to her ? We still know nothing, why ? because the rags and the rubbish writing in them don't give a shit about the likes of her, she is indeed just 'fodder' to them !