Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Nothing like the NSPCC

Dame Janet Smith is not the NSPCC - LOOK here's the Dame 

And here's the NSPCC 

What am I going on about now I hear you say ? Well, I couldn't help but notice Ms Dux's response to MWT on twitter on the 21st May and not just because it was practically the same as one she had sent him earlier in the year. The Dame, according to Liz is still 'hearing evidence' 

Since Dame Janet Smith began her inquiry into, what the BBC did or didn't know about Jimmy Savile, a number of updates have been released indicating that publication of said findings had or would be delayed for one reason or another.

DJS began her journey of discovery in October 2012 - here's a timeline -

16/10/2012 Independent Review announced by BBC

14/11/2012 DJS Appeal for witnesses  launched


Six days later this interesting extract -

Just after Xmas we were advised that formal interviews were to start in January 2014 

 Twenty five more people had contacted by the next 'update'

The numbers making contact grew and then in May 2013 the Dame's had to 'amend' her 'terms of reference' to reflect the fact that another ex BBC presenter Stuart Hall, had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting 13 girls and, would be the subject of a 'separate inquiry' !

The Dame's 6th June update explained this 'conflict of interest'

The same update reveals that publication of the review's findings may be delayed 

 The Dame then explained that the report should be available by the end of 2013. By November 2013 though came the news that the report would not now be published before the end of January 2014.

And then this happened  and the Dame was NOT amused !

It went on -

A Dame moves fast when she needs to, and on Monday this update appeared 

The following day came the news that publication would be delayed because of Hall's trial

Meanwhile over on twitter, MWT was moaning about the fact that he had NOT been summoned to see the Dame. I wonder WHEN he contacted them ?

Perhaps someone reading this will be able to tell me WHAT HAPPENED once you contacted the Review, were you given an appointment, were you told whether or not you would be interviewed and by WHO

Trawling for useful information from MWT on twitter is hard work but I'm glad I did because I came across this interesting news article, the Dame must have missed this !

Complained about what Mr T ? Jimmy Savile ? Er, no actually, it was someone else, who was on trial at the time of his tweet.

 Four months later, the Dame finally noticed that Dave Lee Travis also worked for the BBC. The wording of her latest update seems strange given the fact that Mr Griffin (DLT) has already been tried (and found NOT guilty) of all but one of the charges he faced !

They attended Mr Hall's second trial ! Did they attend the first, or DLT's first trial I wonder ? It goes on !

  And so it goes on, or does it ? What is actually happening here, have findings been made, is the report complete, are the Dame's still hearing evidence ?

You may wonder WHY i began this post comparing Dame number one (Jimmy's Dame) to the NSPCC. Well, here's why 

The NSPCC never did give us an adequate explanation as to WHY it took almost six months to publish a report described as 'new' in Febuary 2014 ! Dame Janet Smith is nothing like the NSPCC though is she. She is nothing like Alison Levitt or Kate lampard or any of the others busily investigating the late Sir Jimmy Savile - is she ?


  1. Have you abandoned your own inquiry into the late Sir Jjimmy Savile's financial legacy?

    1. No 'anon' not 'abandoned' at all. It's a work in progress.

    2. Like the BBC and NHS inquiries?

    3. Yes, 'anon' but I will keep y'all informed as soon as I hear anything of note. Thank you for your interest !


    She's outlasted Fatty Pang anyhow.

  3. Interesting line from Jeremy Hunt back in November 2012, when dealing with questions about Kate Lampard.

    "The question is what went wrong - not whether something went wrong... "

    They started with the verdict and are working back to drum up some evidence.

    Bit of a monster googlink. Hope it works.

    1. It works - thanks Moor 'we acted very quickly when the issue originally arose'. It's all about them really isn't it ? Fancy NOT knowing that JS was involved in three major hospitals for >40 years !

  4. Hey I've been reading your and anna raccoons blog for quite a bit now and I'm glad I'm not the only one that can 'see' the truth. I may be from a younger generation but I knew from the very beginning something was rather fishy about the whole 'scandal' because it just doesn't seem to make sense.

    Great work, keep going until it all gets out there, I know one day it will :) I will support you and also contribute whenever I can

    Kimi x

  5. Thank you Kimi - ur very welcome. Have u read Moor Larkins excellent blog - here's link just in case x