Monday, 14 July 2014

A little bit of Fry and Capurro !

Strewth the cat was certainly unleashed among the pigeons the other night when 'national treasure' (that's what they call you in England before they decide to label you a PREDATORY SEX OFFENDER) Stephen Fry stunned an audience at a LABOUR PARTY FUNDRAISER  with this

Mr Fry doesn't pull any punches, he knows what's been going on in this country and he's not afraid to say it ! I would pay serious money to be able to get in a time machine and be able to see ex DPP Keir Starmer's face as the national treasure continued !

The above is from the Daily Mail maybe they thought they could stir up a bit more hatred by publishing Fry's outburst. If so, that plan has backfired if the BEST RATED COMMENTS are anything to go by !

Everything comes to those who wait. The general public are waking up now and nothing and no one can stop the truth escaping from the censorship prison cells wherein it was placed on never ending remand on October 3rd 2012.

Mr Fry is not the first well know celebrity to question the Yewtree witch hunt. Indeed, I had quite forgotten about another BRAVE man who spoke out within weeks of the ATTACK ON SIR JIMMY.

 Like any professional comic, Mr Capurro handled his hecklers (see  the comments) with great wit and aplomb.

Scott showed his support for Fry last night with the following tweet 

Remembering his brave article, I tweeted him back. I know he saw my response because he retweeted it. Thank you Scott !

Anyone who spoke up for Sir Jimmy Savile back in 2012 was depicted in the press as a bit, well mad. Remember this brave man ?

Mr West defended his exhibition and Jimmy. Well done Sir !

 From the Islington Gazette - the link is too long to include here !
At the start of the year I predicted that we would see Jimmy Savile and the word INNOCENT in the same sentence. We are seeing it more and more guys and gals. The game is on as they say ! Our struggle has come a long way ! "Onwards !"


  1. Not before time that someone "important" woke up and smelt the coffee.
    "The apparent and increasing hostility of the Tory government of Margaret Thatcher towards "the promotion of Homosexuality" can probably be traced back to the rise of an apparent demand for Paedophilia to be recognised as an acceptable sexual direction to take. The eventual prohibition of this strange bastard son of the struggle for sexual freedom was inevitable, but it would be foolish to try and pretend it never happened.

    The campaign to equalise the Age of Consent for gay sex, first from 21 to 18 and then later from 18 to 16, would naturally add to the notion that homosexual sex somehow was related to the desire for sex with younger and younger "children". The ironies that gay men were congregating in places such as Elm Guest House, and that this is now being "investigated" all these years later, coupled with the accepted gay "Rent Boy" phenomenon, as celebrated by songs such as those by the Pet Shop Boys would only add to this dangerous confusion in the minds of those uncomfortable with the whole idea of "unnatural" sexual activity. This is a basic societal attribute, as witnessed by the increasing problems over the issue in many parts of the developing world, and some of the newer democracies in eastern Europe.

    I am pretty convinced that the rumours about Jimmy Savile and his "liking children" first began as a result of his being believed to be "gay". It may even explain why so little interest was ever taken in the 70's to his autobiography with it's quirky tales of sexual activity with females; it was probably read as some kind of "cover", akin to Rock Hudson romancing his secretary - or Liberace only being devoted to his mother. "

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  3. Stephen Fry is awesome. He should watch himself, though - remember what happened to him in V For Vendetta when he started questioning the fascist government...

    1. A couple of years ago this site could have been ignored as the home of a bunch of Whacko's. Thanks to Keir Starmer and his ilk these ugly specimens are now "the establishment view". Stephen should indeed be afraid. Very afraid.... along with the rest of us.
      "david winglass
      MAY 2, 2014 AT 4:16 AM REPLY
      This was very good inded, some really did their homework here.

      Now I spoke with a man who on the proviso of immunity told me the following-
      Stephen fry is a Jew and a homosexual giving him top prority with Mossad who now run MI5,(who run the BBC), this man on seeing a court case at the Old Bailey, went through the solicitor’s dustbins and brought back a large bag of papers relating to the Jill Dando case as an offshoot of another case.

      From these papers he found links with Stephen Fry to Elm Guest house, Jill Dando and a man named Walter Clack.

      Walter was a lifelong predatory homosexual and close friends with Sydney Cooke who had links to both Paul Kidd, the Queen mother’s butler, Jimmy Savile and Sir Anthony Blunt.

      Before Walter Clack could be interviewed by police he very conveniently killed himself. Police found what was described in reports as “a huge tranche of boy porn, lists of boys, snuff films photos and an adress list for sharing of some very well known homosexuals, many at the BBC.”

    2. Is Elm House still a guest house ? Imagine how many paying guests it would attract now. The Trip advisor reviews would be something to read too eh ? :-)

    3. I didn't phrase that preamble above very well did I..
      When I said THIS site, I meant THAT site.... of course.....

      Oh well, if you cannot laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?... :-D

    4. Moor, Rabbit,

      "...home of a bunch of Whacko's"

      As this place most people's eyes...or would be if they even knew about what you were doing?

      It is heartening to read about Fry's comments, and I'm sure the tide will turn, but I fear we're far from high water yet.

      Please keep up the good work.

  4. He's not afraid to speak his mind... and for the people who disagree on what he said, the truth hurts doesn't it !! ;) The drawing made me giggle abit.


    1. Couldn't have come at a better time and the fact Starmer was in the audience is the icing on the cake ! Cheers Kimi :-)