Thursday, 18 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 10

Three weeks after the police 'assessment' of the Savile claims started, Cddr Spindler told us that, SEVEN complaints had been made against Sir Jimmy before his death.
FOUR of these from Duncroft, TWO hearsay because the FILES he refers to, do NOT appear to exist and one emanating from Jersey.
Jersey ? Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, such claims were ever made about Sir Jimmy in Jersey. How do I know this ? Well, the man who ran the Haute de la Garenne investigation confirmed this
But, this is October 2012  so Harper added a caveat to his previous findings. The Metropolitan Police and the media say Jimmy is a criminal, so EVERYTHING that we know about the man up to and including this time is wrong, leading him to concede !
And then, as if to add insult to retrospective injury, comes this 
 Surely the word NOW should be added to the header from the article dated 9th October 2012 !
Exhibit 20 previous investigatory blog post into the Jersey connection
Commander Spindler was not joking when he said that 'we're in a watershed moment for child abuse investigation, and Operation Yewtree will be a landmark investigation."
We certainly were Cddr Spindler because now we have SENIOR POLICEMEN in the UK colluding and/or attempting to PERVERT the course of Natural Justice in this country by applying retrospective GUILT when NO new evidence 'cept a change of MINDSET, exists as good grounds for doing so !

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury let me take you, if I may back to another, albeit smaller, criminal investigation, this time in 2003, this time involving Sir Jimmy's second home and eventual resting place, Scarborough !
Again I shall be requesting that you bear with me because, not having  EQUALITY of ARMS in terms of access to information, I have found it difficult to establish what the media (and others) were on about when they produced this sensational headline from the Daily Express 28th October 2012
 Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, as I searched for any stories relating to Savile in 2003 I came across this nonsense. Now, we must bear in mind that investigations into North Yorkshire Police relating to what they knew or didn't know about this alleged abuse back then continue as we speak, but my submission rests solely on the media's ongoing attempts to LINK JIMMY SAVILE to any report of abuse, no matter how old, no matter how sensational.
Now, here is what witnesses say in October 2012 !
A 'suspect' ? Is that so ? Not according to North Yorkshire Police 
Eighteen months later, the NYP release a press statement indicating that they have referred themselves to the IPCC, but I am not interested in this aspect of the case against Sir Jimmy. This issue has been seized on by various groupings who, like the BBC baiters have their own agenda's at heart. I will merely submit the FACTS that I have uncovered about the 2003 investigation !
Exhibit 21 and 22 from 8th March 3003 and 4th February 2004 respectively !

Now, lets go back to that Daily Express article dated 28th October 2012 hot on the heals of the reportage from local press the previous week. The two men above were named therein. It continued !
'Gossip' Ladies and gentlemen, there's another word we come across repeatedly in relation to the Savile allegations. But, my question to the local paper and indeed North Yorkshire Police would be, 'have these two anonymous women made any further contact since October 23rd 2012 ?
As for the allegations themselves, I ask you Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. WHY, would NYP not have taken claims made against Sir Jimmy seriously in 2003 when other claims made 4 years later led to a TWO year investigation by Surrey Police, the result being 'insufficient evidence to proceed' ?
And whilst we are in North Yorkshire, just how many accusations have since been made ? 
The writer of this conspiracy piece from October 31st 2012 got his response in June 2014. Sir Jimmy was investigated by York  Teaching Hospital Trust in regard to this complaint by an ex nurse ! 

 Laughable is it not Ladies and Gentlemen !
 Perhaps Sir Jimmy should have asked her if she wanted coffee instead of tea !
And, on that note, time for a well deserved break !


  1. Trawling always leaves a foul smell of dead fish.

    One of the most startling moments I recall during the October 2012 media frenzy was when a senior officer from Scotland Yard said on camera that he was warning other accomplices of Savile that, "we're coming for you". Who were these people I wondered. At the time the two TV stars implicated by the initial Duncroft allegations about the Clunk Click programmes had been arrested and bailed. Since then, not one single person who has been arrested has had any linkage about their alleged crimes made with Jimmy Savile. Not one. Even when people close to him, such as his old Producer have been arrested the police have been even driven to state that the matter is NOT connected with Jimmy Savile - just to avoid any doubt.

    It is far too late now for any policeman to consider that nothing ever did happen, even though this would be a much moor logical deduction and several of my blogposts go quite some way to discount what the police seem determined to account for, against all the evidence in many cases, and all reason in many more cases. But the possibility of admitting some blithering idiots have got it completely wrong....... was left some million pounds of police time back, and thousands of acres of Scandinavian wood-pulp ago. Let's not even consider going there. Press on and seek new revelations, where no revelations have gone before.

  2. 'We're coming for you' but in the meantime, we'll arrest a load of geriatric show biz folk to show how much we care for the abused ! Poor Uncle Ted and all the others since. Problem with these career cops and their politician counterparts is that by the time their game is up, they've jumped ship usually to a better paid job. Then some new idiot takes the flak. I say, make these people accountable, bring the Spindler's and their puppet masters to justice !

  3. If putting your arm around a girl is inappropriate then I could put a claim against 100's of men over the years that have done this disgusting deed. Might get in touch with the S&G they seem to take on anyone that has a claim but no evidence as do the investigating police.