Sunday, 21 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 11

Sixty six working days Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury. Sixty six working days between the night Exposure was aired and the publication of the report called GIVING VICTIMS A VOICE on 11th January 2013. 
It was just 57 working days until Friday 21st December. You probably know where I'm going here and the point I'm hoping to make. It took the Met Police less than 60 days to produce their collection of allegations made against Sir Jimmy Savile. I have no idea when the NSPCC stopped fielding calls and referring callers to them, but, they will know I'm sure.
Exhibit 25 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have no desire to go through the whole of the report but I should like to draw your attention to a number of interesting details contained therein. I am specifically interested in the year 1986 because that is the year that Ms Dux and Slater Gordon Solicitors would have you believe, an EIGHT YEAR OLD girl was sexually abused by Sir Jimmy in STOKE MANDEVILLE hospital.
The following link is a much more user friendly version of the document. You can move through the pages easier !

Now, bear with me, I know I've mentioned this already on Day Six but since then I have uncovered something very DISTURBING and that is the fact that SLATER AND GORDON might actually represent 'Celia' the woman who says she was RAPED by Savile in 1977 when she was 12 ! How do I know that ? Well, Ms Dux herself admitted this herself TWO DAYS before the NHS reports were published 26th June 2014 

Ms Dux is, by this time representing 24 claims specifically against the NHS and I for one find it VERY HARD to believe that she could have TWO complainants with two very similar stories one said to have taken place in 1977 the other in 1986 ! Here's that reference to that EIGHT year old again !  Guardian 5th November 2012

A YEAR later !

 Ms Dux appears on the same show as 'Celia' who describes being a patient in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1977, age twelve being raped by a porter who just happened to be Jimmy Savile !
Here is what 'Celia' says around 21mins into the video. She's just explained that she told a nurse what had happened in the tv room but the nurse to told her not to say anything : 'Don't say anything, she'll get in trouble'. READ Ms Dux's words again as featured in the York Post 24th June 2014
 One of the people Ms Dux is representing was a young girl when Savile raped her. She reported the assault to a nurse who allegedly told her: “I mustn’t say anything or I will get into trouble”.
Ms Dux states that reports about Sir Jimmy WERE MADE at the time : from 22 mins " .. shocking that people reported it, clearly reported it and that wasn't passed on and nothing was done"

If Ms Dux is right and she clearly believes that she is, somewhere, someone will or should, be in a position to corroborate 'Celia's story. If not, there may even be documentary evidence that this woman, was in this hospital, WHEN she says she was !

Before his firm was swallowed up by Slater Gordon, Alan Collins wrote this about the Savile abuse claims

 Others have noted the potential difficulties in bring civil claims of this nature !
Where are the records of complaints against Sir Jimmy anywhere let alone the various hospitals he was associated with ?
Because people do lie do they not Ladies and gentlemen. Take this woman for instance !

Here is a recent exchange between myself and Ms Dux on social media. I asked her about those Stoke Mandeville patients !

Tomorrow I shall be examining Ms Dux's involvement with the Savile case in more detail. Oh and, by the way, she did NOT respond to my last question !




  1. Just caught the end of a Radio4 "expose" of Historical Abuse at Knowl School, the place Cyril Smith was connected to. Peter Garsden appeared, and Alan Collins of Pannone (now Slater & Gordon). It's fairly evident that the lawyers are now after the State Homes. The BBC programme has no doubts, and features Exposure-style doom-laden music. What a great national scam is in prospect. The nation will be bankrupted soon, never mind the 1970's Light Entertainers. There's a beeb article about it here:

  2. Moor, watch this space ! My burrowing has unearthed a few interesting FACTS. They wuz always 'after the state homes' and SCHOOLS !

  3. Amazing job Rabbit, it's more obvious that Liz just wants to hurry up and cash in by representing the accusers, despite (yet again) no evidence that such things had happened.

    Annnnd there's the 'I'm SJS's love child' trend floating around that seems to be growing, despite all the DNA tests coming back as inconclusive. Whether they were genuine or not I do not know, but it does seem like they were hoping to get a chunk of cash too.