Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 12 pm session

Earlier today ladies and gentlemen I told you I would be submitting further evidence from those who took part in the 2008 investigation in Jersey. 
On 9th October 2012 the guardian carried an article indicating a change of heart by the man who led the investigation on the island, Lenny Harper !
What evidence Mr Harper ?
Someone else taking an interest in Jimmy Savile's visits to Jersey was solicitor Alan Collins who was, at the time, handling claims against the States of Jersey NONE of which involved Savile. Until October 2012 that is !

Let's be quite clear Ladies and gentlemen. There is NO proof that Jimmy Savile was 'investigated' by the Jersey police in 2008 whatever spin the guardian attempts to put on things ! This morning I provided evidence that an 'verbal allegation' had been 'investigated' ONE period !
Now would be a good time to provide you with some background on the case. Some of you may remember the scary stories about children being murdered in cellars etc etc. Here is an extract from the Mail 18th April 2009 by Eileen Fairweather
 And here's what happened 
 Enter Mr Collins and his compensation claimants 
 They are looking for a 'deal' 
 Sounds awful familiar doesn't it Ladies and gentlemen ? Because look what happened next !
And thus came into being the "historic abuse redress scheme" to which anyone could apply had they been abused on the Island at any time since, well since the NAZI'S left !
 I have no idea how many of Mr Collins' claimants date back to May 1945 and I could care less. I'm more interested with the claimants he acquires in October and November 2012 by which time he was employed by Panonne. But that will come tomorrow.  I have not finished my visit to Jersey and I'm ready to do battle !!
 As it happens !



  1. Collins was the charmer who, when a man hanged himself in the home of his 95 year-old mother, said he'd denied his client justice.

    He was also the Brief behind the nonsensical case of the boy being assaulted in a Rolls Royce that didn't even exist.

    This is the sort of folk who operate UK Law in the 21st century. There is a level of sociopathy in there that is quite disturbing.

  2. Great news Dave Lee Travis has been given a 3 month suspended sentence. he will be home tonight. I am delighted !