Monday, 8 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 2 PM session

Even before the shit hit the fan because the film was pulled. The Legal /publicity bods were putting together their response to the shit they foresaw hitting the fan FOLLOWING transmission of a film about a recently deceased National Treasure !

December 7th Helen Deller (publicist) to Rippon, Jones 
They got their shit-storm but not the one they had prepared for !

December 9th 2011 Came the email Jones must have been dreading FROM THE CPS 
 Within the hour Jones asked 

 Their response to 'Meirion' not Mr Jones 
So, that ladies and gentlemen, should have been an end to it (P114)

Liz Mackean contacted her 'victim' (R(2)) still thinking the fake letter could swing things ! (P116)

A letter that did NOT EXIST !

Manufactured by the above who, despite being an obvious LIAR was presented as a 'victim' in the expose made by ITV the following year ! 

Nine days later 21st Dec (P117)

Happy New Year - January 1st 2012 the story was spreading 

 WHO Liz ?

Six days later the Mirror finally gets to write a story about Jimmy Savile and a girls school and other papers soon follow suit !

The next event in the Guardian's 'BBC Timeline' takes my interest. 

 Strange but I don't recall Jones mentioning anything about exactly WHO spoke to the Police and what information they had or didn't have that HE DID ! 
His boss was not aware of this either ! (P141/142)

How come Miles Goslett a freelance journalist knew more about Jones' investigations than his boss did ?

Alongside having another victim, Jones miraculously appears to find ANOTHER witness - this woman who, like Fiona the fake letter, will appear on our television screens in Exposure and tell a story that is pure hokum !

The timeline goes quiet from February until late September. And it appears that few of Jimmy's closest friends or even journalists in his home town are aware of the claims, because in June Alison Bellamy's biography is released in a burst of publicity !

Indeed, just a week before 'advance publicity' of the ITV expose is published Jimmy's fantastic headstone is revealed at last in Woodlands Cemetery Scarborough !

Eight days later the guardian announces !

Tomorrow I will be taking a close look at the events of October 2012 But before I finish today I should like to bring your attention to a seemingly unrelated event that took place at the start of that year but NOT listed in the guardian's timeline ! On the same day that the Mirror reported the 'axing' of the Newsnight film, the SAME newspaper reported the fact that a CLAIM had been made against Jimmy Savile's estate by a woman claiming to be his daughter ! Naturally, the estate was then frozen .... it is STILL frozen but not because of Georgina Ray. 



  1. this is a really good read, well done! ��

  2. The Daily Mirror does seem to have been at the forefront of the Savile Scandal. It was that 'paper which ran the Karin Ward/Gary Glitter/Freddie Starr stories. Given the political turn the story quickly took to "Tories as paedophiles" and the Mirror's editorial stance as the 'paper of the "working class", it's not hard to see that Jimmy was viewed as a means to an end. The journalistic stance that Thatcher had not only raped the nation but also the children seems writ large, alongside the bitterness even evident in the more upmarket left-leaning market policies at the Guardian/Independent axis. However, to be fair the right-leaning press was just as delighted with the story, for their own "state of the nation's youth" reasons perhaps, and Jimmy being a proto-chav was just grist to THEIR mill.

    I don't think Jones et al had any idea that the story would become so monstrous. None of them seem to have really thrived from it. Who knows where Jones now is in the BBC belly, Liz MacKean shot her dead men bolt with Cyril Smith, not to be seen again and whither Miles Goslett?... Anyone? Williams-Thomas is still around of course, ducking and diving on the daytime sofas but it's hard to take him seriosuly as any real social force-majeur. They all seem to have been mere agent-provocateurs for other societal pressure groups with genuine power, like thos within the police and the CPS that turned a grubby "kiss'n'tell" story into a national nervous breakdown.

    1. 'National nervous breakdown' great title for a blog Moor LOL ! I agree, I don't think Jones et al realised the effect their story would have but they kept pushing it' Jones still attaches a #Savile to every child abuse tweet he makes but that is beside the point you are making I know !
      WHAT happened in those MONTHS tween Feb and September ? What forces were conspiring/making ready for ITV's expose ? Later guys and gals ! Later !!
      Thanks again P-B (babydoll) - spread the word !!

    2. I think Jones genuinely thought he was on to something big - a huge conspiracy involving Cabinet-ranking ministers from the 80s. He had some idea that JS was the procurer for these guys and he could find a trail leading from Jimmy all the way to the big beasts he had in his sights. It's pathetic, really. Total "Da Vinci Code" stuff. I also suspect he was getting a bit desperate. His career had hit the buffers and he needed to bring off a giant coup. Funnily enough, there are few people as gullible as conspiracy-mongers: far from being clear-eyed and perceptive cynics, they are often the most easily-fooled of all, if they don't have a tough editor overseeing their brief. Nothing as dangerous as wanting to believe.

      MWT is a chancer. And not a very bright one.

    3. I recalled the Panorama show that featured Merion Jones - in that he had spoken of other celebrities visting Duncroft. Names I recall are James Robertson-Justice, John Gregson(?) Ronald Lacey(?) and a Princess Royal..... Did Meiron Jones start out looking for the very first Heterosexual Paedophile Ring? Was this what was swirling through the fevered adolescent memories of his past? I recall he spoke of Duncroft as if it was some strange spooky old house in that Panorama piece to camera. What a journalistic coup that would have been - to finally pin down a story that went back decades!! Tjhis suspicious notion would entirely explain why he had so studiously avoided his aunt wouldn't it. If Duncroft was the axis of a Paedophile Ring for Girls, well - the Headmistress could hardly NOT have known about it could she. She would be the very last person he would approach because the story would then lose all the advantage of surprise.

  3. Great job Rabbit!
    I remember the newsnight doc being planned just hours after SJS's death. Very disrespectful of them !