Thursday, 11 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 5 PM session

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, before the recess I described the sequence of events from and including 12th October 2012 with particular reference to the emergence and progress of Civil claim litigation against my client. 
During the recess, a learned colleague supplied me with the following information that I should like to bring to your attention. 

Exhibit 10 an article from 'The Lawyer' dated 12th October 2012 alerting the public to the fact that Personal Injury Lawyers, Russell, Jones and Walker have now become a quasi 4th Emergency Service after the Fire, Police and ambulance services in the UK and are, now 'on standby' to handle the Savile claims !
My reference to this company and it's interests in this particular case is important because, BEFORE Slater Gordon and Liz Dux in particular became the friendly face of the Savile claims, both she and another albeit younger, friendly face in the form of Alicia Alinia were BOTH employees of RJ and W !

My submission that the defendant suffers a GROSS inequality of arms gains weight when you appreciate just what he/they are up against financially if nothing else. Let me explain !

In April 2011 Jimmy Savile was still alive while Liz Dux and AA were still working for a comparatively small British firm. 

The start of 2012 saw moves by Australian Giant Slater Gordon to mount a takeover of RJW 
But, that was not the end of the Australian Giant's ambitions for a year later another of the Savile claimants' lawyers is swallowed up by Slater Gordon now Slater Gordon UK. 

 Not an inconsiderable adversary I'm sure you will agree Ladies and Gentlemen but what the solicitors acting for the Trustee's of Jimmy Savile's charities FORCED into closure on 23rd October 2012, might lack in financial and other strengths, it makes up in sheer Dunkirk spirit, as it battles on against not only the claimant's lawyers but also those representing the estate, Nat West Bank.

October 22nd 2012 sees the transmission of another documentary this time made by the BBC or should I say, Meirion Jones' crew and whose primary objective appears to be one of intent on biting the hands that feed THEM !
 Now here is where things get even more surreal because, amidst all the other nonsense spouted on this program, Ms Dux herself comes out with this remarkable accusation !

 To date, ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury no such 'paedophile ring' has been identified at the BBC or anywhere else for that matter ! And, it is not the most surreal accusation/claim that will be made about Jimmy Savile ! 
Tomorrow I will tell you more about these sinister claims and introduce you to a few of the very real people who bravely challenged them and their tellers both in print, on television and online ! Have a good rest until then ! 


  1. Lawyers are at the heart of all of this. Starmer streamlined the law and simply declared that "victims must be believed". Who would argue with a "victim" being believed? The trouble is that you can only have a victim if there is a crime, and in the absence of any crime there are no victims to be believed. What we are faced with is a legal system, including a police force, that declares a crime has been committed if someone says it has. The legals are simply taking advantage of a corrupt legal framework, and by doing so they behave with the same degree of corruption. They excuse themselves by saying they are acting within the law. It's just a Gangster set-up - no better

    Jim Davidson has spelled out exactly what is going on in his recent book.

    That no media outlet will defend us, the people, against this corrupt authority simply reflects that UK Journalism is as rotten as the CPS and the lawyers who feed off them.

    1. Wonder which law firm Jim's mate was referring to ?

  2. Moor is right - what's so blindingly deranged about all of this is that the allegations have never been tested, whether in a court of law, or by the standards reputable researchers and historians would apply to investigating the past. I've read the NHS reports and they consist of nothing but a record of what the complainants said, with no attempt to establish whether the allegations were empirically possible, much less true or sufficiently well-founded to be plausible. One thing that occurred to me was that insurance companies would be a dam' sight more suspicious and on the ball if faced with a slew of similar claims, involving cars, say, or yachts or real property. I very much doubt they would say "Well a whole bunch of people must have been burgled by the Top of the Pops crew because their stories are so similar, who can doubt them? At least 500 householders are telling us that Jimmy Savile had a secret life as London's top cat burglar, and where do you think he got his jingle-jangle joolery from? Dave Lee Travis was the muscle, and Paul "Baby-Face" Gambaccino was used to case the joint, prior to breaking-in, because of his innocent appearance. We now know that Anne Nightingale acted as fence."

  3. LOL, rabbit, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if everyone else is allowed to just make stuff up, I don't see why I should be excluded ;) In general terms, my fantasies are far more plausible than theirs. I bet JS would have made a great cat burglar, I mean he was extremely fit and agile and very clever. He had the perfect cover, coming up to London for a couple of days a week, knocking over a pad on Cheyne Row, or Chelsea, then scooting back to Leeds to do a fun run. It's obvious that he funded his charitable endeavours with the proceeds of his London crime sprees, because didn't Robin Hood actually come from Yorkshire, just like Jimmy? I rest my case. Take that, Liz Dux ;)

  4. No wonder S&G wanted RJ&W. They got the cops thrown in for free...
    No Plebs allowed.