Thursday, 11 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 5

How MANY compensation claims were made in the wake (or even before) Exposure was aired on ITV on October 3rd 2012 ? I have no idea Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury ! But I do know that several law firms were contacted in October 2012. I can't be sure which of the following was contacted first but I do know that the ONE personal injury law firm that has become synonymous with the Savile claims is Slater Gordon.

The friendly face of SG first appeared on the Savile media bandwagon on or about 12th October 2012 holding numerous interviews in numerous media outlets .
Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, I ask you to consider this; just WHY did the main-stream media see a need to have a PERSONAL INJURY lawyer acquire such a high profile on our television and radio sets ? Especially when you consider that the BBC was top of the pops in terms of WHO WOULD BE SUED FIRST !

Oct 13th 2012 enter Alan Collins of Pannones Solicitors 
 Ms Dux finds her way into the same article in the Yorkshire Post and she already appears to have 50 claimants 
 And, for the first time we are told about the Savile estate's executors reactions to the situation !
 BUT, ladies and Gentlemen, the estate at this time was NOT Frozen because of the claims being made against it by SG etc. That is, if THIS report dated 17th October by yet ANOTHER PI lawyer, Emma Jones of Leigh Day and Co, is anything to go by !

By the end of the month Ms Jones et al got their wish ! But, before I come to that I should like to refer you to exhibits7 and 8 press releases from Pannones and SG mid October 2012 
 A week after the lawyers started touting for business the Metropolitan Police  increased the Savile threat level up ten notches by declaring this ! 19th October 2012 (exhibit 9)
And, for the FIRST time they admit that they have NOT and WILL NOT be investigating JIMMY SAVILE ! 

A fact they made all the more obvious by asking 'victims' to contact NOT THEM but the NSPCC instead !

Meanwhile, in the REAL WORLD  those 'living people' Spindler alluded to were already getting a taste of what was to come ! On 9th October Freddie Starr came out fighting against the Savile claim that implicated him in the story !

Mr Starr became the SECOND 'living person' arrested in Operation Yewtree on 1st November 2012

The First being Paul Gadd better known to you and I as Gary C Glitter 
 On the SAME day Freddie was arrested, came the formal notice that Jimmy's estate had been frozen 
 The article includes a statement allegedly from the estates executors confirming that the move was the result of the allegations. BUT, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, wasn't it ALREADY frozen (see above) !

November 1st 2012 was a busy day for all those involved in the story and, of course, the friendly face of SG Solicitors was on our screens again gloating at her little victory. Her eyes well and truly, on the prize ! Follow the money as they say ! Time for a break in these proceedings - for a short while !



  1. I'm willing to bet that the only claims being made against the Savile Estate are the ones that Operation Yewtree has designated as crimes, even though NO INVESTIGATION into any such crime was ever pursued. This seems nothing more than state-sponsored Gangsterism to me.

    "The practise of civil Abuse Law no longer now needed to rely on proving fault. Once a criminal offence had been declared by a court, then rather what was needed was simply the financial ability to proceed a case through the UK civil court system. Given that Insurers found it impossible to mount a defence in these circumstances it struck me that it would also be inevitable that these cases would be settled out of court.

    It was bad enough when a State Criminal Court was giving the green light to Compo Lawyers but now the State Police seem to have abrogated the right to do so, without even a recourse to any further legal process at all. This nexus of Compo Lawyers, CPS and ACPO should be declared illegal, but who's going to queer their own patch?

  2. Thanks Moor. Yes, it would be in the 'public interest' to be told HOW many of the claims are backed up UNLAWFULLY by the bizzies !

  3. re "the mad hatter's tea party". it's just like the pome the poor Mouse recites

    `Fury said to a
    mouse, That he
    met in the
    "Let us
    both go to
    law: I will
    YOU. --Come,
    I'll take no
    denial; We
    must have a
    trial: For
    really this
    morning I've
    to do."
    Said the
    mouse to the
    cur, "Such
    a trial,
    dear Sir,
    no jury
    or judge,
    would be
    "I'll be
    judge, I'll
    be jury,"
    old Fury:
    try the

  4. Here the Dormouse shook itself, and began singing in its sleep `Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle--' and went on so long that they had to pinch it to make it stop