Friday, 12 September 2014

Case for the Defense day 6

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury I'd like to take you back to the beginning of this odious affair or, should I say, the beginning of MY interest in the case and the reason I began my investigations into the story !
I first noticed others challenging the claims around the end of October 2012. It was the FIRST time I had heard anyone say anything along the lines of : 'that's NOT true' and it was a blogger. 
I don't know what other commentators thought but I was, at first reluctant to put my thoughts into print such fearing I might be physically attacked at any minute despite the fact I was commenting ANONYMOUSLY !
How must Jimmy Savile's closest family members and his life-long friends have felt especially when they had to REMOVE his headstone and even worse, re-evaluate their own thoughts him!

BUT, don't be hasty and jump to the conclusion that people who knew Jimmy best were ready to give up on  him just yet. They are plainly under a lot of stress and strain, they have the world's media on their backs. Reading the rest of the BBC article one can sense their confusion, sadness and, above all else, their own personal integrity and honesty as they examine themselves and Jimmy.
 Furthermore, they have no doubts how Jimmy himself would have reacted to the claims !

Shortly after the claims were made public, Jimmy's family and friends stepped up to the plate in DEFENSE of Jimmy but, after weeks of, nigh on CONTINUOUS media attention focused on Savile and stories becoming more and more DISTURBING especially concerning hospital patients and children, they must have felt that they had NO alternative than to APPEAR TO BE SEEN, to bend to the media's will !
On the same day Jimmy's family's hearts were breaking, Alicia Alinia Ms Dux's colleague was appearing on Sky News. The film she uploaded the same day to Youtube  introduces us to this man, who must be one of her CLAIMANTS !
Our old friend Steven nee Alison, is filmed watching events unfold at BBC HQ that same day ! George Entwistle is busy doing more damage to his employer's reputation and it seems the whole country has been thrown into chaos by unsubstantiated claims made on television program !
 Meanwhile, the Savile threat level has been raised again by the Savile Police !
Like her colleague Ms Dux, Alinia obviously has her sights on a media career JUST NOT with the BBC ! A year later !
Meanwhile on 5th November 2012 a councillor in Scarborough was calling for Jimmy's body to be DISINTERRED from his grave and BURNED !

And Ms Dux introduces us her YOUNGEST complainant said to be EIGHT YEARS old at the time of an alleged attack in STOKE MANDEVILLE hospital ! 

Here's that article about Status Quo's front man's gossip mongering

By now, there are 43 law suits on the go against Savile and OTHERS !
 And, Ms Dux describes her youngest claimant !
NOW ladies and Gentlemen I should like to put this point to you. It is merely an observation that I have made and until we hear Ms Dux's testimony, cannot be confirmed or referred to as FACT but, does not this CLAIM bear a shocking resemblance to one she was to make at a later date. Again involving STOKE Mandeville Hospital and again involving a very young patient !
I began my investigations of this particular tale a year later when it first surfaced in a BBC documentary called 'After Savile' produced by our old friend, Meirion Jones !

Now, Ladies and gentlemen, here's where things get doubly interesting because, as I pointed out in my blog back then, the Metropolitan Police had not heard of the 1977 incident, if their 'assessment' findings are anything to go by.
No, definitely NO allegations for SM hospital in 1977 (GVAV January 2013)

And none at ALL for 1986 when the 8 year old is alleged to have been assaulted !
Ms Dux has some questions to answer does she not ?

The case for the Defense of Jimmy Savile will resume after a well earned weekend break !



  1. "Gojam" seemed to know about Jimmy's Scarborough plaque being scrawled on almost as it happened....

    And why was "Hollie Greig" scrawled on Jimmy's cottage? What had Jimmy to do with that? Nothing, but it was great publicity for the Scottish Numpty Collective.

    Completely bonkers people condoned by a completely bonkers media and pimped by a corrupting legalistic framework, dominated by thirst for compo and fees.

  2. Dear God. "The Legal Eagles". Vultures, more like. This is what 30 years of Breakfast TV has resulted in. For some reason, I was suddenly reminded of that lunatic mother who faked the abduction of her daughter (Matthews, does that ring a bell?), because she had been watching the media slavering over genuine cases and figured (a) this could make her important and a fit object for the Breakfast TV sofa and (b) there might be a bob in it. There are so many people out there who feel that Victimhood is their route to fame and fortune - which is what they have been told is all that matters in life. They are so addled by the media, the one true touchstone in their life, they can almost convince themselves of their own lies.

    But the "Legal Eagles" are something else. That is naked exploitation. I bet they laugh at the "victims" behind their backs. "Got another one who was touched up in 1974, Bill." "Good-Oh - can she get the names right? Don't want her claiming it was Ken Williams." " Might take a bit of coaching, but we'll get there."

    Have a nice weekend, rabbit.

  3. Excellent posts Rabbit, Liz will be tripping all over the place while answering those questions! :,)

    1. Thanks Kimi, I have put the Q to Ms Dux on twitter now. I doubt she will answer NOW that is !

  4. Ms Dux has responded to one of my Q's on twitter. I doubt she will continue the 'con' (Meirion Jones speak) !