Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Case for the Defense Day 8

 Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, today i shall be examining the events of November 2012.  A change of witness availability means that I am not able to pursue the line I began yesterday involving Ms Nolan and others but, I will come back to that issue, later in the week !
Let's recap a little shall we ? By the end of October 2012, Sir Jimmy Savile's two charities had been forced to close, 43 lawsuits had been filed against his estate (November 4th) and the BBC/NHS and two documentaries had been seen by millions on national television.
I have already covered Exposure (Oct 3rd 2012) and What the BBC knew (Oct 22nd 2012)
Today however, I should like to bring your attention to the sequel to the first expose which was broadcast on Wednesday 10.35 pm 21st November 2012 on ITV.

I should like you now to look at exhibit 17, a press review of the program again in the Telegraph newspaper again by Neil Midgley dated 22nd November 2012 
  Mr Midgley noticed a distinctive difference between the 'update' and the original !
It would indeed appear that the focus of the program makers had moved away from Sir Jimmy. The piece ended with a piece of information oft repeated since the scandal began !

Meanwhile in tabloid land, this
 Now, let's stop right there for a moment Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury because I want to repeat TWO WORDS contained in that this article. They are the same two words that MWT opens his second documentary with, and they are, without doubt, the two MOST SHOCKING words used to date to describe the late Sir Jimmy Savile !
Here are the first words uttered by ex Police Constable Mark Williams-Thomas in the Exposure update I want you to hear them Ladies and Gentlemen, exactly the way he said them that night and I want you to imagine, if you will just how YOU WOULD HAVE FELT had that been someone you knew and loved being described in such a cruel and heartless way !
'We now that Jimmy Savile was a predatory paedophile for more than 40 years ... '
No Mr Thomas we know NO SUCH thing and NEITHER do YOU !
As described in the review above, the program went on to focus on the various hospitals Jimmy was acquainted with including Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville. But, let me refer you all back to those other words contained in Midgley's review, why ? because Ladies and gentlemen, these words form what is, a statement of FACT repeated over and over in official investigations undertaken since October 2012 in that NO RECORDS of any official complaints were made AGAINST Jimmy Savile to the people he worked with or for !

'Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police officer presenting the Exposure investigation, did not establish any evidence to indicate that those reports had been passed to the senior management.' 

We will break for lunch now !

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