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Case For the Defense Day two !

We have seen many so-called timelines from the prosecution, here is my attempt to list chronologically, the background to this case as I see it. I refer you all to the Pollard Report, two sections in particular, that of ; Merion Jones' interview with the panel (exhibit 3) and Appendix 12 (exhibit 4) containing various emails from and to various employees of the BBC including its legal department.

By way of background, the Pollard Report was the result of an extensive investigation into WHY Jones' filmed Savile expose was dropped in December 2011.

From this we can deduce that Jones had seen Savile at his aunt's school. He does not say WHEN, he does not say how OLD he was. Fair enough, it was a long time ago. But, to date, we still DO NOT know for certain WHEN he saw Jimmy despite the fact that such information would be easy to confirm.

Jones tells Pollard that he began formulating his expose in July 2011

We know what Jones was doing in July 2011, it was this !

 The 'paedophiles' they were looking for were not 1970's icons

 Now let's get Jones on the stand shall we and ask him this question !

First take a look at exhibit 4 specifically emails dated 25th November to and from Jones. Let's start with the most important one - page 53

 What does Jones mean by 'off the record' and WHY is the 'head of the paedophile unit' going to 'dig out the files' ? Had he formed an association with a senior cop as a result of the July Panorama ? Moreover, why did he need an EX-Cop to do some digging if he already had links to the 'head of the paedophile unit' ?

Despite only have one 'victim', Jones is hell bent on transmission the first week of December 2011.

Jones' boss (Peter Rippon) was keen to go ahead with the story but ONLY IF it could be established that the CPS's reason for dropping the case were because he was TOO OLD and NOT because of 'insufficient' evidence. 

Jones' rough script was ready on the 29th November 

 Note how Jones is aware of the hoax letter but is happy to use this unsubstantiated evidence P62 App 12

 Bear in mind, that at this time Jones only has ONE witness on camera until he finds THIS ONE 

Jones' second 'victim' is actually NOT a 'victim' at all ! Not even an ALLEGED victim. 

Mr Jones when did you first make contact with Rochelle Shepperd your not even alleged, 'victim' ? 

Please refer to exhibit 5 an article that appeared in the Mail on 20th October 2012 which includes an interview with this 'victim'

Mr Jones why did you NOT contact your aunt or any of the other staff at Duncroft before you started your 'script' ? His employer's legal team wanted to know about his aunt too in November 2011 (P73)

So, by the END on November 2011 exactly ONE month after the death of SJS we have a bunch of journalists, their bosses and their legal department who are embroiled in a story about one of the biggest and BEST LOVED entertainers ever and NOT one of them has sought any PROOF that any of the claims made have any veracity ! 

Jones' script included reference to a man whose name has since been CLEARED by the Police.
 Jones based his expose of my client on a 'web-memoir' written by this witness P12/338 App 12 

Mr Jones exactly WHEN did Mark Williams-Thomas become involved in your project ?

 This is what you told Pollard about what you KNEW on 4th November 2011

But Mr Jones, did you or did you not discuss your project with MWT in June or July 2011 ? You wrote this on the 30th November (P80)

But, this is what you told Pollard (see exhibit 3 P4 Meirion Jones interview)
Back to 29th November 2011 when it would appear that other media outlets were becoming aware of the story !
P74 Peter Rippon to Legal dept

Fast forward to Dec 5th - 7th 2011. Jones says that he doesn't have confirmation from the CPS but, they should GO AHEAD ANYWAY !


 His boss is getting very twitchy (P103)

 But it is clear that Jones wants to pursue regardless of the fact that he HAS NOT CHECKED THE FACTS. And, is that a threat of things to come should the film NOT be broadcast ? (P107)

 On December 1st Jones wrote an email to himself containing his personal thoughts on the matter ! (P90 - 91)

 Is this evidence that the MSM were already conspiring against the BBC and ready to STITCH up Sir Jimmy Savile even before the Newsnight fiasco came to public attention ? (P93)

Mr Jones has a lot of questions to answer but this court will rest now. Next time !

 Rippon pulls transmission when the CPS confirm WHY they did not pursue a case against Savile in 2009 and ALL HELL breaks loose !



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  1. Rochelle is indeed a fascinating part of the intrigue and must know where many of the bodies are buried.