Sunday, 21 September 2014

The case for the Defense Day 11 pm session

Earlier today I told you about one, perhaps two of Ms Dux's claimants. Today I shall tell you about a third, a woman who tells a story that is simply bizarre. Here it is Exhibit 25 !

But here's the best part Ladies and gentlemen
Yes, this woman's story appears credible not only to Ms Dux but to Kate Lampard's Team at Leeds General Infirmary. 'Jane' becomes 'WW' and her story is more detailed 

You will note Ladies and gentlemen that in the York Press story, the woman is 57 and dates the incident to 1973. The NHS report details her as 'under 18' with the alleged event taking place in the early 70's. 
Is Sir Jimmy's alleged accomplish still alive ? I'll take a wild guess and say No ! BUT, it appears she told several people, so we can expect to see several affidavits attached to any civil claim pending ! Along with nhs patient records detailing her stay in the LGI



  1. Never mind the accomplice. I'll bet neither of her parents are alive either. Her father was an Administrator in another hospital? Reminds me of Fiona's dad being a BBC Producer. Exactly how close do you have to get to power and yet be powerless.

    By the way, in that Rado4 clip I heard that I mentioned in your previous Blod today, all the folk being accused are dead... Amazing, and no coincidence.

  2. No, it's no coincidence. When I watched that bbc docu 'after savile' I knew straight away that 'Celia's story was a fiction. The words that come out of her mouth are pure fiction and, no doubt scripted by the producer's. all this to make a case for mandatory reporting which won't work cos even if people do report, who's to say anything will happen just as it, allegedly didn't happen back then.
    These people insult our intelligence with their nonsense "

  3. Jane again... I can understand the knock on the door on the way in - that's polite and customary... but knocking on an office door from the inside at the end?... Did the porter lock them in or did Jim just not do door handles? It's all too strange even if we are to buy the story that he was up to no good...