Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Case for the Defense Day 18

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I want you to consider Ms Dux' statement to David Rose and ask yourself this question : WHY has Ms Dux or the law firm she works for, failed to make any further statement in the TEN DAYS following the publication of the Mail on Sunday article ?
Ms Dux, how many of the 174 claims have YOU personally checked ? Better still, have YOU referred any of those 'improbable' claims to the Police for investigation yourself ?
I await Ms Dux' answer to those questions. She is not in attendance today but we will no doubt be hearing from her in due course !
Now, Ladies and Gentlemen on to some FACTS ! My defense team (me) have been burrowing deep for some FACTS, indeed PROOF that Sir Jimmy is INNOCENT of any CRIMES that may or may not have been reported or claimed for via the civil compensatory route on the following DATES ! 
It is a TRAVESTY of Justice that those handed the task of SCRUTINISING the Savile compensation claims are NOT ALLOWED to speak to others, sometimes family members in their quest to verify or challenge the claims made. 
Their task has been made ALMOST impossible given the FACT that either the Metropolitan or West Yorkshire Police have apparently LOST Sir Jimmy's Diaries.
However, just in case anyone has lodged a claim involving the following dates, we can safely say that THEY ARE LYING !
Exhibit 35 SS Chusan Tuesday 11th April 1972 

Sir Jimmy enjoyed cruises and here are FACTS about one he took lasting 14 days from 30th march 1972 to 14th April 1972
Cruise No 452
Departs 21.00 Southampton 30th March
Mon 3rd April 08.00 arrives Palma
Tuesday 4th  06.30 Leaves Palma 
Wednesday 5th April 08.00 arrives Tangier  

Further stops inc Gibraltar on the 10th April 1972
Here is First officer Nick Messinger, the big guy on the far left. He has fond memories of the ship he refers to as the Happy Ship !
 Exhibit 36 ex First Officer Messinger's site
Officer Messinger remembers Jimmy Savile onboard and the trouble he put him through constantly moving his exercise bike !
SS Chusan was a PO cruiser which was withdrawn after 23 years service in 1973
 Cruise folk are great story teller's. There are numerous forums where happy cruisers remember happy times. Jimmy Savile was very well known amongst those folk and my defense team (me) have scoured these sites for any serious negative comments about him. WHY ? have I done this ? Well, because of this !
 The author of the above, the late Bill Hitchen does not say WHEN this alleged incident took place. What's more, his words are mere hearsay, he does not say who the captain of the Canberra was at the time and spends the rest of the piece sharing his own impression of a man he obviously did not like !
Let's find out what the happy cruisers have to say about the story shall we ?
And here's some reactions to Sir Jimmy's death amongst one cruising community ! Note that many of the posters are seamen
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, your job is to try as best you can to determine what is REAL and what is false. I have presented you with a few FACTS that cannot be altered to suit any agenda or motive. 
I have in my possession a substantial amount of documents that PROVE where Sir Jimmy Savile was on various dates and again I challenge the prosecution to PROVE their case. Give us the DATES that you say Jimmy Savile abused those YOU represent. If you CANNOT even do this, then YOU HAVE failed to establish your case and it should be therefore thrown out !

Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the THIRD anniversary of Sir Jimmy's death. In the days following, the whole country including every newspaper and media outlet was paying tribute. One of those was the Scarborough News. Their leader for countless articles at the time was 'Farewell to a legend' Let's hold onto those lovely memories like the happy ship cruisers hold onto theirs. 
Shipmates ahoy !



  1. Strange how the Spindler Yetwree cops managed to lose Jim's diaries wasn't it.....

    "Corruption starts at the top"
    Jimmy Savile

    1. Not 'strange' at all really ! Follows the narrative : lost, non-existent doss-house dossiers, lost Police reports etc etc. One difference though, Jim's diaries are REAL and I'll wager they are NOT lost either !