Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A few brave women !

Last night at a rather plush venue an award ceremony took place 
 Mark Williams Thomas forewarned us of this event on twitter 
 By yesterday those FIVE very brave women had become TWO
Even I was SHOCKED to receive a tip-off last night as to the identity of the TWO !
 YES, guys and gals, Fiona aka fake letter Fiona, awarded for her bravery !
But, it gets worse ! Because the second awardee is this woman Sue Thompson the allegedly ex-BBC employee who appeared in Exposure NOT as an alleged 'victim' but a witness !
 Anyways, this is how it went. You can't watch the video but we are given a lowdown on the event as it happened !
How's about that then Guys and Gals ! At first I was quite horrified that Thomas had FIXED IT for these liars to receive an award for their part in Jimmy's downfall, until that is I realised that this was NOT an official ceremony supported by the powers that be but a largely media led event,  sponsored by a UK woman's magazine !

 No pics of Fake letter Fiona or Sue then Mark ?
Ruth does not tell us which category Sue and Fake letter Fiona come under ! Maybe Thomas pulled some strings and managed to get his heroine's in at the last minute. After all, there was at least one woman there who deserved the title 'brave' !
Another PR stunt pulled off by the ex-cop who was charged and found not guilty of the offense of blackmail !


  1. It would certainly be interesting to know more about the mysterious Sue. Poor old Fiona has little choice. If MWT tells her to jump, she has to jump.

    Sue's story was definitely remoulded by MWT.

    "There seemed to be some discussion by the Pollard people about why this had been forwarded to Meirion Jones rather than Peter Rippon, but the BBC was, by February 2012 in some disarray so I don't suppose there is any clear answer. Anyhow, Pollard's report makes clear that Jones did not show this to his ex-Editor, Peter Rippon, but in fact passed it over to Mark Williams-Thomas working for the itv, who of course then tracked Susan Thompson down and interviewed her, as we all saw in Exposure. The queer thing is that in this e-mail Sue Thompson seems to record something that was not at all made apparent in the Exposure show and that is that this specific episode of Speakeasy was about blind people, and even more startling was that her story about the girl Jimmy Savile was supposed to have been kissing was blind!

    I was baffled. Why on earth had Exposure not made this aspect apparent? Given that the programme was aiming to destroy Savile's reputation, it seemed to me that the allegation that he was sticking his tongue into the mouth of a blind teenager was guaranteed to make his alleged perversion seem even more perverse. There was nothing in Exposure to suggest a blind person was involved, nor any indication that there were any blind people involved at all in the Speakeasy programme being discussed. Nobody watching the show could have guessed about this detail. I had no idea and I've watched the bloody thing about a dozen times.

    1. Thanks Moor ! I'd have added a link to your blog but I see you've done it for me !

    2. "If MWT tells her to jump, she has to jump."

      More sensitivity, please. She uses a wheelchair.

    3. Anon using a wheelchair and needing one are not the same thing ! Even if she does, I'm sure you know that Moor means when he uses that phrase !

    4. re. sensitivity

      Pip: It seems that these past few years I have been harbouring an illusion. More than one, in fact... And you humoured them. You led me on...
      Miss Havisham: Yes, I let you go on.
      Pip: Was that kind?
      Miss Havisham: Who am I, for God's sake, that I should be kind?

  2. "I was born partially sighted... in 1955 ... In 1972, after a gradual worsening of my eye condition, I became blind."
    "When I was 17and newly blind, I went to the recording of Savile’s Radio One chat show “speakeasy”. The show’s theme was blindness."

    "Half a dozen girls from my school and I were in the audience. After the show, Savile strode across the auditorium, plonked himself down next to me, and without warning ..."

    Was that Radio One show normally recorded in an auditorium with an audience?

    1. The whole concept of "Speakeasy" was predicated on an audience being present, not that I was ever a fan. Far too geeky for me back in the day.

      "In 1969, Savile dreamed up Speakeasy after the Rev Roy Trevivian, of the BBC’s religious department, told him that it had been allocated 45 minutes a week on Radio 1 and he wanted young |people to be able to talk about subjects that interested them. "

  3. Bad form that Liz McKean never showed up what?
    And whither Karin these days?
    Surely she is the ultimate victim of all of this?

    So many questions, so few answers.

  4. Where have the allegations of the BBC dressing room disappeared to? The car trip scenario was shown, only her word that it happened, so no evidence to disprove that allegation. On the other hand look closely enough and find the evidence that could prove that she didn't go to a recording of Clunk click, where she claims other abused occurred. The evidence is there waiting to be exposed.

    1. The evidence is exposed. You could say it's hiding in plain sight.

  5. Do you seriously not have a life, there were quite a few people from the BBC saying he was partial to young girls but he's been dead 3 years isn't it time to let it go.

    1. Yes thank you, I do have a life. I know this because I inhale and exhale all the time. Seriously, WHEN Jimmy gets the justice he deserves, I will very happily 'let it go'. Until then, "onwards" !

    2. "he's been dead 3 years"
      But you have to admit he's a powerful corpse! It's so uncanny that all these people didn't just wait until he died (October 2011) to make these allegations but until a programme with these allegations had been broadcast *one whole year after* he died (October 2012). So 'powerful' in life that he allegedly abused hundreds who were too 'scared' to speak out in any of the decades of his long life, or when he died but had to wait 12 months to see a TV show and think "Hey, that reminds me, I once met that guy (honest!) and he ... what did he do?... hmm... oh, yeah, he destroyed my life! SNIFF! Now pay for my story or pay me compo!"

    3. * there were quite a few people from the BBC saying he was partial to young girls but he's been dead 3 years isn't it time to let it go. *

      How young is the question. If the media hadn't told so many lies about girls being 14 when they were in fact 16 maybe I would never have started. Seeing as the lies continue, why let go? I hate liars, especially the ones wearing police uniforms, wigs and gowns, and who are all sponging off my taxes and destroying the lives of my fellow citizens just because they have the power to do so and think they're worth it.

      Do you think Freddie Starr should just "let it go"?
      Michael Le Vell? Bill Roache?
      Jim Davidson should never have written his book?
      Jimmy Tarbuck should just suck it up... well he has it seems.
      You win some, you lose some?

      Takes all sorts. Some folk are interested in the truth about history and the attempted conversion of British society into a bunch of moronic twits who'll believe their own Grandad was a paedo if the Daily Mirror says so, on the back of a bunch of Chancers and mentally disorded ex-therapy victims provoked by national charities and other chuggers.

    4. Beautifully put. The level of brainwashing - and stupid - out there is frightening. It's like living in Bizarro World.

  6. Sadly the charities that Jimmy Saviles' estate was destined for have had to let it go. Much of his money was destined for Help 4 Heroes that assists the families of disabled war veterans. Those kids won't get a look in now that a bunch of greedy 60 something dames down on their luck have decided to loot it.
    The fact that it seems the majority of them have already found to be frauds just means every penny will eventually be eaten up by legal costs.
    So no, I don't think it's time to drop the matter and I bet an awful lot of legal people think likewise.

  7. I'm hoping that Merion Jones and MWT to fall out big time and they both do exposes on each other.

    Some of the spelling and grammar used by them makes me wonder if they really are qualified to call themselves Journalists!

    As MWT likes to reply - and what have you done to stop these people been abused?

    I always want to answer - nothing that boost my profile and can make me lots of money!