Thursday, 27 November 2014

Letter or letter's Plural ?

Re-reading my last post, my eyes were drawn in particular to this Pollard extract !
 'A dozen girls, not just Duncroft interviewed by the Police' ? How the hell does Jones' crew know this ? Answer, they don't but Jones is certainly being less than honest with his boss when he uses the words 'WE KNOW' !
Remember, at this stage, neither Jones or his reporter's do not appear to have met ANY of the witnesses who will eventually appear in Exposure or the later BBC documentary. Indeed, their first filmed interview was only to take place that very day ! All Jones had to go on so far, was Ward's on-line memoir. Until this that is !
By 17th November Jones' crew had still not got anywhere with the 2007-09 investigation despite speaking to SIX duncrofter's !
'None can help with cops' what does that mean ? Then there's (R3) obviously Rochelle Shepherd who was not even at Duncroft but that's another matter.
Back to THE LETTER ! Obviously NO letter specifying reasons for the CPS decision in 2009 was received by anyone BUT, a number of women DID RECEIVE  letters according to the Operation Ornament Report that is !

Now, let's look at that Daily Mail, fake letter article again
If only Jones had done his job properly a couple of years ago we wouldn't be in this mess now. At best, he's an idiot who cannot even compose a decent email ? WHY ? read this, the Letter's PLURAL have become Letter singular by 19th November 2011
It's certainly worth reading the rest of this email from Jones to ex-cop MWT as it appears that the letter's PLURAL he seems to be referring to are those sent BEFORE the Police investigation ended. Confused ? 
P43 App 12 Pollard
 And, what about the others Jones refers to (see top extract) 'not from Duncroft' Would Fiona or any of the other Duncrofter's have been able to supply that sort of info to him ? Or, did he have another source ?
And, just for completeness, I came across one interesting reference to the LETTER on the Raccoon blog dated November 10th 2012, four days before the forgery was exposed by the Mail
I guess 'Tracie' is Fiona ?


  1. So, revisiting that whole mash-up, Meirion was told there was a letter stating no prosecution occurred because Jimmy was too old. But that was a lie. Then, when pressure came to bear the letter Fiona had was a letter which had been forged using the wrong "crest" - forged either by her or someone she knows. She must know who forged it - who gave it to her to use.

    So it is this specifically forged second letter that he is now saying didn't exist until a year after. That letter was made to suit the earlier story. So he's basically nit-picking. Furthermore HE must also know WHO forged it, but he aint telling.

    The fact is that all along it was known that Jimmy was not prosecuted because of lack of evidence. Then, he had his eureka moment with Karin and that story turned out to be a pile of poo as well.

    Be so much easier if he just fessed up that he's really rubbish at this journalism lark and he suppresses evidence and information or is being forced to do so. So much for the brave UK journalist of the new century. What a joker.

    1. He's only making things worse for himself Moor. When this shit hits the fan, and it will, he will be finished. Can't wait !

    2. He does seem to have friends in high places, so I'm not holding my breath. He publicly dished out names on twitter that had been redacted by the Pollard Report.

      ".... why it was that the BBC, with presumably the best legal advice available, chose to redact the name of Gary Glitter in the Pollard Report and yet one of their Producers finds he is entitled to label Gary Glitter as "more sinister than Jimmy Savile". "

  2. Tracie is not Fiona. She's actually using her real name, was at Duncroft in 1979 and never saw Savile there. She has a relative who was allegedly snogged by JS, but said relative declined to be involved in any legal action against him.

    1. Thanks Sally ! Shame we haven't even got to see this letter ! You'd think someone could have produced one by now ! :-)

  3. Russell Myers of the Mail saw it. He also interviewed Fiona in person at her house. Told me that there was a whole bunch of forged documents on the walls, i.e. diplomas, etc. I think the Mail has it somewhere.

    1. Makes me wonder what all the secret squirrel stuff is about. None of this is exactly serious crime is it. Petty and nonsensical so why so much zipped lip? It can only be the friends in high places. The very same "Elite" sort of crap Jones is the first to blather on about himself:

      "For some, the West Yorkshire police report into Savile appeared to reek of collusion despite the conclusion that he was not protected by Leeds area police. Savile had what the Russians call "a roof" – protection."

      Who's his protection? ACPO?

  4. Someone also needs to contact Imperial College and find out if this faker is a member of the faculty there, or was, as she claims.

  5. "Then there's (R3) obviously Rochelle Shepherd who was not even at Duncroft but that's another matter."

    There's a Rochelle Shepherd on this casting agency list.

    1. Ah yes... the quote whereby hangs the tale: "Who's gonna pay for that?"

    2. "It seems we might be expected to assume she is one of the Duncroft girls from 1974 but two things make me think she is not their contemporary."

      Class of 1977 · Staines, United Kingdom"!/rochelle.shepherd.96/about?section=education!/photo.php?fbid=380974475283469&set=pb.100001127580473.-2207520000.1417168431.&type=3&theater

  6. Is it wrong to wonder if Savile was once photographed at Duncroft, and journalists who had heard rumours and wanted to bag a scoop were told what they wanted to hear by women who attended the school at some point? If someone is asking questions and you know the answers they want, why not just tell them want to hear, especially if the guy is dead anyway, and you can not only be praised for your courage but it is in a good cause if it encourages abuse victims to speak out?