Monday, 17 November 2014

The enemy within !

Someone has been spending a huge amount of time searching through the BBC film archives have they not ?
 And where there's Savile muck there's Meirion !
Not the first time Jones has commented on Bateman !

The episode of Jim'll Fix it at the centre of this latest attempt at muck-raking is this one - Episode 16 Season 6 
BUT GUYS and gals READ that first sentence again. Harding was not only a guest on JFI, he has links to ROYALTY !
And, who should Jones be tweeting about again today ?
Somehow, Bateman has apparently spoken to the man and woman whose fix it request was allegedly "set up" by inferance as a means of getting this sex offender on national television ! One of the first to comment is .... you guessed it, the compo solicitors : Slater Gordon !

No reason is explored as to WHY these two kids would have been "set up" in this way. They confirm that NOTHING happened to them to them during the show. Indeed, their words actually corroborate a previous assertion that ALL children were CHAPERONED at all times during their visit to the show !

 Hardly good news for KEVIN SCOTT (the boy scout) who claimed Jimmy abused him ! I wonder if he is one of Ms Dux' compo claimants ?

It will be interesting to read the 'FULL STORY' surrounding this article. Bateman did manage to speak to 'two sources' from the show !
Meirion appears to have it in for Prince Charles ! I wonder if he got his bag back ?


  1. Bateman didn't think to ask any of that show's production team then... all of whom will have been listed on the end credits

    1. Haven't been able to locate any details of the episode itself and it's not on youtube etc ! That's why I for one would like to know: HOW Bateman found this ?

    2. This is very a handy nugget actually - handy because I understand the BBC have placed all JS-hosted shows in "Restricted", even to programme makers. But not restricted to their brown-envelope churno's.
      Phil Bishop and Roger Ordish are the main men on the 1978 edition I have

    3. Great info Chris to good to have inside contacts !

    4. Actually - the producers should be listed on Genome come to think of it

    5. Appears to be the very last Jim'll Fix It ever made, if rabbit's reference to Xmas 1980 is correct.

    6. Last one of 1980 Moor it went on 'til 1994 I think !

    7. Oh yeah.....
      I had the Advanced Search set to stop at 1980...
      What a berk... :-D

    8. Roger Ordish and his wife Sue. She was production assistant in 1980-ish IIRC. Can't remember if they were married or not at the time, Roger was her second husband.

  2. Looks like Radio 3 needs investigating too:

    BBC Radio 3
    18 December 1970
    13.04 Music and the Music Boxes
    KEITH HARDING is professionally concerned with the restoration of musical boxes of all kinds. He talks to JOHN AMIS about this miniature, mechanical world,

    BBC Radio 3
    19 September 1972
    11.45 The Magical Music Box
    KEITH HARDING considers early music boxes to be a part of our musical heritage, and in this illustrated talk he describes the restoration techniques for these enchanting instruments.

    meirion twats is clearly getting pretty desperate.

    1. Researchers booking specialist guests onto programmes often have to find people at a moment's notice and will build up extensive contact files.
      Anyone who was been able to perform reasonably on air before was likely to be contacted again, especially in the days when people were more likely to freeze on camera and in pre-internet times when finding appropriate specialists was that much harder.

      It's not in the least bit odd that someone knowledgeable about something as niche as clockwork would show up again on different programmes if they didn't bungle it the first time.
      I also don't think it's at all surprising that people associated with the show wouldn't remember anything about the booking process as no one else may have been involved other than a researcher and the producer anyway. The process would also have been entirely routine and at this distance in time very forgettable in an individual case.

    2. Thanks John looks like Mr Harding was well known to the BBC of Moor's great find is anything to go by. On at least two Radio3 broadcasts in 1970 and 1972. Plus, from what I can gather Jimmy had little to do with the fixes themselves. What was it he said about 20,000 letters per day/week ?

  3. With enough resources you could probably find a convicted sex offender on any long running TV programme. Wouldn't be surprised if a similar story could be found in relation to Esther Rantzen and That's Life if you tried hard enough.

    1. A friend of mine, when she was a teenager, was in a 1960s BBC documentary - the theme of which later turned out to be "aren't our teenagers out of control".
      The setting was a teenage party. Before the film crew arrived a young female researcher turned up with an unexpectedly gift - a crate of whisky. The kids had never seen so much booze, and certainly never free for the taking, so they dived in.
      Of course, by the time the filming started they were in a right old state and conveniently lived down to the theme of the show.
      I wonder whatever happened to that young female BBC researcher...

  4. If the bag contained a letter asking to be knighted that would be embarrassing!