Friday, 28 November 2014

Tim's letter !

Yesterday a grand total of 12 or was it 11 MP's attended this debate in the House of Commons
I received this tweet yesterday from someone who was obviously following the debate keenly !
Naturally, I had to check whether Loughton used these words or not, so I turned to trusty Hansard for a line by line transcription of the actual debate
Simon Danczig was the first to speak, naturally !
 Loughton made several references to Savile. Here is the first
 A little further on he mentions a LETTER !
I wonder how many other MP's received the same 'letter'. I also wonder WHY Mr Loughton so eagerly brushes aside the writer's concerns ! 
It's just a shame Jimmy's no longer around to fix things innit ?



  1. Well done. Did Danzuck hold a copy of his Cyril Smith book ? Why miss an opportunity.
    Same old faces, Goldsmith, Danczuk and I believe Tom Watson said he "listened intently" ( all Exaro enthusiasts) That's 3. Who were the other 8?
    I think it's a victory that the pro-Savile camp got a mention.
    I truly believe a lot of people will have egg on their faces (not necessarily about Savile) once the CSA Inquiry finishes and discovers that of course vile things went on but much has been an exaggeration- just as every other inquiry has found.
    Only then will the Savile charade begin to come unstuck.

    1. Thanks Anon I couldn't be bothered to find out who all attended. I guess once these fools stop using fantasist' lies as a foundation for policy change, a few more sensible people might attend !

    2. Quickly scanning Hansard, those who spoke, other than the honourable gentlepersons already noted were:
      Sir William Cash
      Sir Paul Beresford
      Zac Goldsmith (promotes Exaro heavily)
      Julian Smith
      Mark Reckless
      John Hemming (says as a fact that children were sent to Jersey from London to be abused)
      Diana Johnson
      Karen Bradley
      Ian Lucas
      Dawn Primarolo as Speaker

      Well worth a read to see what they are saying.

    3. Yes, and NAPAC gets a mention too ! ;-)

    4. Jeremy Corbyn pops up very near the end, so he was there too.

      No mention of Tom Watson unless I missed it.

  2. How does he get from that letter to a conspiracy theory, unless he parrots what he reads on Twitter?

    "I also wonder WHY Mr Loughton so eagerly brushes aside the writer's concerns "

    Maybe he was hurt by writer saying he/she was only very dimly aware of his existence as an MP.

  3. Found an interesting speech by this Tim Loughton character in May 2012..... long before savilisation... Given that we now know (as MWT would say) that the Savile stories were endemic in Fleet Street, and given that we now know The Sun was buying stories off Surrey police, it seems strange that Loughton seemed totally oblivious to any of it. What may not be so strange is that he was sashaying around ACPO at the time...

    "On raising awareness, we have worked with organisations like the Association of Chief Police Officers and health professional bodies to make sure sexual exploitation is being built into training and guidance for professionals..."

    Seeing as we now know he was suppressing evidence about the Savile stories, it makes you wonder what other evidence is being hidden, out of plain sight.

    1. Re-reading I see this letter relates to a recent postbag, so credit to him for revealing it in Parliament. It wasn't me btw..... ;-D

    2. Yes, the letter mentions Wolfe's resignation. Easy to think he's referring to the start of this nonsense Moor !