Saturday, 6 December 2014

Aiding and abetting

Ray Teret's criminal trial opened on Tuesday 7th Oct 2014.
 Two days later the court heard evidence linking Savile to the alleged offenses !
 Here's more from that update from ITV
In a separate update we are told that this is the FIRST COUNT upon which Teret is charged
Now, let's back-track here a moment because, when Teret was first arrested it was for the following reasons 'not connected to .. Savile'
Nov 8th 2012
The senior officer at the time qualified Savile's non involvement despite the Press' best efforts to place him, at the scene, as it were
NOW, eyes down Ladies and Gentlemen as I present how the Manchester Evening News' man reported live from the opening 
 Count 4 then becomes Count 1 if Mr Britton is following things properly
 Or does it ? Because reading on, it appears that COUNT 1 involves 'rape' whilst COUNT 4 appears to involve CONSPIRACY or, aiding and abetting if you will
 As the prosecution goes on
OK, let's have a look at the charges according to the CPS in October 2013 
Those charges changed somewhat between Oct 2013 and October 5th 2014.
For ONE DAY ONLY (Nov 5th) the BBC North of England Correspondent covered the trial, the day Teret gave evidence on charge allegedly involving Savile then it was, off back to the Hillsborough inquiry for Judith Moritz
 Yesterday Ray Teret was found guilty of 7 rapes and 11 indecent assaults. He was found NOT guilty of 'aiding and abetting ..' Moritz reports !
Not being a lawyer I looked 'aiding and abetting' up !
 I'm still none the wiser but I assume that RT was found guilty of rape but, NOT GUILTY of CONSPIRACY to rape NOT 'aiding and abetting' Jimmy Savile, to 'rape' !
And this, says Liz Dux, is the 'closest we'll ever get to having Jimmy Savile on trial' !
 Apologies in advance for any inaccuracies in any of the above. I was quite shocked at the verdict yesterday. More so on hearing that Ms Dux represents one claimant against Mr Teret. The world's media are again. all over the story now that he has been found guilty. I doubt we'd even know the verdict today had he been acquitted.
How's about that for 'aiding and abetting' ?



  1. Beyond weird:

    And what may turn out to be an expensive failure to fact-check from The Guardian:

    "Two of his associates were also convicted. *******, 66, of Stretford, was convicted of one count of attempted rape, and ******, 63, of Altrincham, was convicted of two counts of indecent assault, one count of buggery and one count of indecency with a child."

    Three days it's been up without corrections. Every other outlet flatly contradicts it.

    1. Strewth Bandini ! Thanks for that

    2. That Grauniad glitch has been put right now.

      This part of the police statement is quite frankly bizarre:

      "Some have described it as like being with royalty or like going to bed with James Bond"

      But then the whole thing is beyond bizarre, as that Mail article demonstrates.