Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another Brick in the Wall !

Remember this Guys and Gals ?
 I do and I remember how we all laughed out loud at this ridiculous story. There was, NO LINK to Savile at the time and there still isn't. But, this wall appears to have re-appeared in the case against Jimmy's acquaintance, Ray Teret !
We know it's the same wall (bear with me on this one guys) by comparing the two stories. The wall or should I say it, the names allegedly scrawled on it, was discovered in July 2013 and reported on Sunday 28th July 2013
The Mail's reportage at the time was more restrained than the Mirror's whose hacks turned it into a gory story about Savile despite the cops statements at the time 

But, one thing BOTH versions of the story had in common was a link to this guy !
 Birmingham University Prof and Mark's tutor offered his opinion at the time
I decided to don my best burrowing apparel again and burrow a bit further. Here's what MWT was tweeting on or around Sunday 28th July 2013. 
Nowhere in the MSM was Ray Teret's name mentioned at the time. But the ickies thought they were onto something 
'Lots going on in GMP' What does he mean by this ? As for that reference to the 'Savile expose' is this what he meant ? Had Teret's accuser's led GMP to this wall or ... ?
The above article was published the day Teret was found GUILTY. By October 2013 the charges against him had increased significantly from the three he was originally charged with ! 8th Nov 2012
October 2013
At least 3 complainants refer to a RECORD shop in their testimony's. I only have the first 3 days of Live reportage, but I wanted to check if any of these might link to the Savile claim. They don't !
Later on the same day of the trial (Day2) we hear part of Teret's Police statement 
Day 3 pm we hear from the Savile accuser who claims to have met Teret not at a record shop but a club
And, the flat at which she claims to have been taken to where she was allegedly raped by BOTH men was part of a house 

Here are a few of the tweets live from the court on Nov 5th 2014 the day Teret takes the stand

And here we have more in-depth coverage of the days events. Note, that at no time are we told that Teret is Savile's flat-mate or driver for that matter !
Just to repeat, I have NOT seen all the witness testimony from the trial and I'm not sure how the press know either. BUT the Manchester Evening News says that the names of two complainants are on that 'secret wall' uncovered last year ! But, this is the closest we get to it !
All in all, it's justa - nuther brick in their wall !


  1. Just a quick correction, Rabbit. "Birmingham University" is the University of Birmingham, the oldest in the city, Russell Group, etcetera. Birmingham City University (formerly University of Central England, descended from the old B'ham College of Commerce) is a much newer institution, with a pretty decent reputation in some disciplines (e.g. law and some vocational subjects). The prof works at the latter.

    1. Thanks Alan ! How good is it's criminology dept I wonder ? :-)

  2. So those "names" were traced and the persons were invited to make a complaint.
    A new method takes over from trawling?.... Scrawling?

    I wonder how many were contacted to generate those two.
    In the Savile affair Newsnight had responses from about 10 of the over sixty Duncroft women they traced, and only ended up with a three of those making any allegations. Of those three, Karin's stories seem to have been dismissed by the CPS itself and it's hard to know what to make of Fiona's tales and the third was Rochelle, who seems the biggest enigma of all to me; it seemed unclear whether she had ever met Savile herself.

  3. That "aiding & abetting" Not Guilty verdict seems very odd.
    It seems to me that the jury was saying that they did not believe that Savile was even there. Teret seemed quite convincing that he didn't do sex in front of other men but since the story about Jimmy required him to be there, then the only conclusion I can see is that they did not believe he was there. Thus, Jimmy seems to have been found innocent.

    Yet at the same time, they believed the rape did occur by Ray Teret - so they believed the victim but only up to a point.. ??

    The other two men were deemed not guilty of anything; I'm wondering whether their accusers' stories were similarly part of the charges Teret was found guilty of

    The whole thing seems very strange. I've no doubt the judge will make no reflection on the dubious nature of all this "reasoning" and pause only long enough to throw the biggest law book he can find, at the hapless fellow.

    The man who wasn't Savile.

    1. Didn't one of them give damning testimony implying Teret's guilt ? I'll check it out and post another comment ! Ray went straight to jail, no few days free for him !

    2. I'm still confused by the numbers. I thought he was charged with 23 rapes but was only found guilty of 7. Reading the media, there's a fusilade of different charges. It does seem that the CPS threw the book at him too! The research you have done is exemplary. The story seems to change each time I read about it.

    3. See last post Moor Plus this article -
      Teret, who worked at pirate station Radio Caroline and Manchester's Piccadilly Radio, denies 18 rapes, two other serious sexual assaults, one attempted rape, 11 indecent assaults and two counts of indecency with a child.

    4. That also says there were actually only 17 victims however....
      But he was only found guilty in seven cases.

      Also, the Grauniad refers to "indecency with a childx3" but they seem to have just vanished. And buggery? Is that still against the law? I must have blinked and missed the last fifty years.... :-D

      Teret, of Altrincham, was charged with 18 counts of rape, one count of buggery, 11 counts of indecent assault and three counts of indecency with a child. After more than 60 hours of deliberations by a jury at Minshull Street crown court, in Manchester, he was convicted of seven rapes and 11 indecent assaults but cleared of the other charges.

      Sorry to be a bit slow, I've been away. I noticed your work unpicking the charges as they changed over time. What a circus.

    5. Cheers M, it's all very confusing. Maybe the sentencing remarks will help or confuse us even more ! Due to be sentenced Thursday !

  4. For some reason I am reminded of Tracey Emin's Tent: clearly wee need to trawl for her many victims.