Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Court of Appeal Decision
It will take me some time to read through and understand the 43 page Judgement. One paragraph that caught my eye for obvious reasons follows Point 71 Page 28/43
 I needed to check that I had not done Ms Dux a disservice earlier and I am satisfied that, whilst the Judgement indicates the Judge's assumption that a 'significant number .. genuine and well founded'  they did not say that these claims would be 'successful' 
On a happier note, it would appear that part of the Trust's Appeal was successful !
They didn't get it all their own way ! To be continued !

Addendum 16th December 21.21 pm GMT

It appears that I was wrong and Ms Dux was right in her reportage of what the Judge had said at the appeal hearing. I will blog more on this tomorrow ! Apologies for any misunderstanding !


  1. Seeing as all the money has already been earmarked for the various members of the lawyering fraternity, they obviously need to draw this matter to a conclusion and move on to the next golden fleece.

    Got a few bob in a Trust Fund? It could be you.

  2. Meanwhile the silence from the clever folks continues to echo through the halls of Academia.

    " The focus of our project is to secure a central source of such more questioning accounts, the blogging activity of a woman known as Anna Raccoon and the correspondence and list of contacts upon which it is based. Anna Raccoon is a former resident of Duncroft residential School from whence initial allegations against Savile emanate. Anna has terminal cancer and, as a result, her important counter-hegemonic account risks being lost. The circumstances of Anna’s illness prompted a successful bid to a call from the ESRC for ‘Urgent’ research. "

    Nero had a fiddle too I recall.