Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Mr Witcomb's NOTE !

This is Henry Witcomb. He is the barrister employed by Nat West's solicitors, Osborne Clark to 'review the claims submitted under the scheme' whatever that means !
Apparently, Judge Sales whose decision was the subject of todays judgement, had some details about how the scrutiny process would operate under the scheme previously agreed. 
It's not clear from the wording of the judgement whether those few lines are the actual wording of the 'note', make your own mind up. Your guess is as good as mine ! What is however certain from this 43 page document is that the three Law Lords were of the opinion that 'many' of the claims submitted would be successful 'if litigated' (page 10)
 It's not clear how the Judges arrived at this supposition, but it is clear that some 'evidence' had been 'put in', presumably to the Banks Solicitors (the witness statement being that of Ms Buncher of OC Clarke 13th Dec 2013)
Henry's 'note' gets another mention on page 26. 
 His lordship considers the merit angle again on page 28
 Fast forward to page 43 and this small glimmer of hope 
Is this what Ms Dux meant when she said this 
It would be interesting to see a copy of Mr Witcomb's 'note. Just to know it actually exists would be a start !



  1. I noticed Judge Roy Bean was one of the Appeal judges btw.

    He approved the substantial damages paid to a police officer smeared by some weirdo from Leeds who has a beef about the coppers.

    ""It is important to remember, as more and more revelations come to light about Jimmy Savile's activities as a sexual predator, that during his lifetime he was very well known, very popular and known to a very large number of people in all sorts of walks of life without most of them having any idea what he was up to," said Mr Justice Bean. "It is important that people should not be smeared or found guilty by association..."

    Clearly Mr. Bean is an entirely unbiased adjudicator.... *larfs offstage*

    1. Our mutual friend Mr Wilby ! He's blocked me on twitter now probably because I kept responding to his venomous attacks on others, with a press article about that £78,000 he had to cough up ! One huge 'C'