Thursday, 18 December 2014

Operation Pass the biscuits

Dear me I had hoped to make a light, uplifting blog this side of Christmas but, apparently, it's 'black Thursday' for us 'serial Savile deniers' !
 Naturally, when I first saw this I was kind of concerned. Until that is, I read this !
So, here we are, it's Thursday and so far, I'm feeling decidedly, well anything but black. WHY ? because, apparently you can NOT arrest the dead. Yes, guys and gals, NYP are alleged to have actually used these words
So, that's FIVE 'reported offences' relating to Savile, post October 2011 presumably ? Thought I'd better check that MPS report from January 2013 again
After, three months of TRAWLING for 'victims' only 8 accustions relating to North Yorkshire, OH *sighs*
Naturally, the friendly face of Slater Gordon will be on hand today to give her assessment of the latest. But, will she afford us sensible folk with the information I requested ? I very much doubt it, because, as far as I'm aware, NO formal complaints were made to NYP whilst Sir Jimmy was alive.
 Nope, definitely not 'black Thursday' for me. But thanks for the laffs North Yorkshire Police !


  1. And that outrageous appetite for lies,
    That Satan angles with for souls like flies.

  2. Familiar pattern it seems:
    "North Yorkshire Police began its Operation Hibiscus investigation into historical abuse allegations after a BBC Inside Out report earlier this year which prompted 35 people to come forward."

    and much the same victims:
    "Relatives of the former mayor have said they were not aware of any evidence that he committed any sexual crimes."

    Presumably they will now be labelled "Jaconelli Deniers" by all right-thinking people. Pass the ice-cream.

  3. Now we are treated to the Met telling us that claims of a trio of murders perpetrated by household name politicians are not just 'credible' but 'true'.
    True? They don't have a body or even an identity, and are appealing for others to come forward, but have already decided that Nick's story is 'true'. The police appear to have gone mad.

  4. "Witness" lies to Grand Jury but no prosecution for perjury.
    Do politicians or the legal fraternity really understand the hounds of hell they have let loose?. Undermine the rule of law and basically society is fucked and we seem to be on the way.

    1. Well said Eric ! Folk in responsible positions appear to have abdicated those responsibilities. Oh, for a few decent leaders !