Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Body Politic

The Body Politic ! I'm not sure what it actually means even after reading the wiki definition. But it was an expression that came to mind earlier this week when the death of former cabinet minister Leon Brittan was announced. 

 Howard went on

A twitter storm began around midday on Wednesday, the hateful began attacking others who challenged their pique that Brittan had somehow, slipped the net. Donkeys led by donkeys as I back peddle to October last year and a tweet from an MP
Here's what our favourite ex-Police constable had to say on the day
And the abuse lawyers 
David Rose amongst others came to the defense of the deceased 
You can imagine the response Mr Rose received for that one ! The mentality and intelligence of these folk suitably illuminated by the earliest
It's good to see good folk speaking out in Brittan's defense. It would be great to see a few more speaking up for Jimmy Savile. 'New evidence' has already been published vindicating Brittan. How sad that no-one with the exception of Mr Rose, me and a few others apply the same due diligence to our working class hero !
I hope Mr Howard is right when he opines about Brittan's feelings re the accusations and slurs. I myself find it hard to believe that it did not affect his health. I didn't much like Leon Brittan, his politics that is. I used to vote labour but I doubt I will again !



  1. You'll no doubt be familiar with Richard Webster's fascinating essay of the same name.

    Thanks far all your efforts, Rabbit.

  2. Perhaps you should start playing them at their own game, Rabbit, and called loudly for British courts to start putting dead men on trial, like they do in Putin's Russia.

  3. Goodness ! Thanks for posting that Anon - don't let Alison Saunders read that :-)