Saturday, 14 February 2015

1990 Stoke Mandeville Hospital - Revisited

This week a Doctor who worked at various hospitals including Stoke Mandeville, was jailed for 18 years. His name is Michael Salmon, he was jailed in 1990 for similar offences and he has something in common with Jimmy Savile. 
Despite Ms Standley and Ms Dux' best efforts, the prosecution made it QUITE PLAIN that the two men were NOT LINKED, FACT !
On 25th October 2012 the following appeared in the Telegraph
THREE doctors ? We're not told who they are but we are given one name ; Salmon's whose previous conviction is described. The writer gives no indication that Salmon is one of the THREE DOCTORS.
Three days later the Mail has it's version of the story. 
But the Mail clearly implicates Salmon in the as was, current story 
The press were all over both hospitals who were clearly not ready for the onslaught they faced
Napac was quick to provide evidence for the prosecution. Serious stuff relating to Savile AND another !
THREE months later the Mail 'updated' this article with the following. Strangely enough, as a result of a complaint that could only have been made by Salmon himself

Whatever, the Press, their 'source' and Napac knew or didn't about hospitals, doctors and Savile, the Cops obviously didn't because it would be a year before Salmon was arrested and charged with the offences he would eventually stand trial for 

BUT LADIES and GENTLEMEN of the jury, WHERE are the other doctors ? We were led to believe that 3 doctors were implicated or collaborated with Savile. I haven't noticed any others being arrested let alone tried.
So that was just bullshit then wasn't it ? I don't recall any doctor being mentioned as an accessory after the fact in the Leeds Report. Correct me if I'm wrong.
However, we can always rely on the friendly face of Slater Gordon to come up with a suspect can we not ?
Thanks to Liz we also know roughly WHEN the report will be released.
 I'll close if I may, with words spoken by Miranda Moore QC (DLT's prosecuting barrister) during Salmon's trial.
'.... when the other things were ALLEGEDLY happening' my learned fiend !


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  1. Not sure if this guy is dead or alive. From 1996.

    Salmon was struck off as long ago as 1991. Strange how all the memories didnlt come back in 1996, but donlt get me started. Salmon's original case all got started because of financial irregularities apparently.

    Good to see Jimmy is declared innocent though, just as with the Duncroft con.