Friday, 6 February 2015

And Karin Ward is still a LIAR

Wasn't planning on blogging today then I noticed this 

 For some reason, I thought the PE piece was from an earlier edition. BUT NO, it's from the latest no 1385 - this one 
 Here's the FULL article
The smart among you will know all about Private Eye. The magazine that feared not a jot a day in the libel courts yet found NOTHING on Jimmy Savile in >40 years
My personal response to the shit re-peddled as a result of Gary Glitter trial verdict was this.
Have a nice weekend guys and gals ! 
Meirion Jones chief perp and Karin Ward's enabler, is leaving the BBC in case you didn't know !


  1. Victim vs Victim?

    " ... my defence will be that I am telling the truth.”

  2. Ah but the goal posts have moved now Moor. The Defendant now has to PROVE he/she is not guilty. The Prosecution doesn't have to any more. And YES I do know it's NOT a crim' case. It should be though !

  3. Private Eye are now the ones "hiding in plain sight" - bereft of credibility and with everything to hand on our various blogs to cross-reference and examine, they have no excuse.

  4. I don't really have much interest in the Glitter-trial, but I would be interested in hearing an explanation for the change of heart mentioned in The Guardian:

    "His first victim, who first went to police in 1998, has faced a long wait for justice. A court decided that it was not at that time possible to try him for on charges related to her allegations."

    I've not seen this picked up anywhere, and I'm curious as to why not.
    Surely no advances in forensic science were responsible? Isn't anyone going to be punished for this failure which allowed Glitter to continue offending (if we accept that that is what he did)?

    What changed between 1998 and 2015? And was it for the better or the worse?

    1. Thanks Band' can u link that Guardian article please ?

    2. Here you go:

      (It was a direct quote. The garbled wording is theirs, not mine!)

      (It was a direct quote. i.e.

    3. Bloody hell Band' that's interesting especially the bit about 'censuring newspaper payments to witnesses' TY

    4. That's why the press operate via Story Agents nowadays.

  5. I subscribed to PE for a year but then cancelled the subscription. Just endless stories about the same old stuff. Not much better than a comic. Ian Hislop on HIGNFY supporting Savile allegations. Not credible for an investigative magazine.

  6. Mark would like to cement the impression of Jones we have...

    1. @retro
      A greater loss to the BBC will be the Libel payment to Freddie Starr in due course... :-D