Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fiends of Broadmoor Part 1

Sorry guys and gals but this place is pulling me back. Let me cut straight to the chase here ! Remember this ?
This photo appeared in an article in The Sun on 25th February  2009. You cannot read it on their site unless you pay, but other bloggers have reproduced it so it's fair game
Apparently the families of his victims weren't too happy with this event because the next day this appeared
But, read the story. This event took place in 1991 so I wonder WHY would anyone even the family of those poor women, really care about about something that had happened 18 years before ? This article photo also interests me because, Jimmy was at this time on the radar of Police forces across the UK and beyond. He would be interviewed 6 months later in Stoke Mandeville Hospital as a result of an investigation lasting nearly two years.
Now, the writer of the Frank, Bruno, Bruno, Frank article is one Jamie Pyatt. This is him
The trial of these 'journalists' continues so best to make no further comment here. However reader, my intention is merely to inform. Here are other Broadmoor related stories published by The Sun in 2007/9
But the Sun wasn't the only one printing these stories check out this
 But unfortunately, the Mail story appears to have, disappeared
Indeed, when trying the search box one of the first Bruno/Savile article to pop up wasn't from either 2009 or 1991. It's from November 2012 just weeks after the Savile 'expose' aired.
 A fragile soul himself Bruno must have felt he had no choice to give the vultures what they wanted when they came a calling
Let's go back to where I started because once again guys and gals I appear to have been led down a completely different path to the one I started on. This !
 But, I'll come back to this tomorrow, because I have more Broadmoor tales to tell. It seems I'm doomed to spend most of my blogging life there !

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  1. Broadmoor was clearly places at the very epicentre of the Savile Revelations and yet to my knowledge only two allegators have ever appeared and one of them (Steven George) completely contradicts their own story because in their original book they said they had "heard a rumour" of Jimmy and a woman patient, but nowadays claims to have been assaulted themself!

    Williams-Thomas was wandering around the place like Marley's Ghost, searching for a past that never happened. I blogged about that aspect a while ago. It might be helpful.

    I also vividly recall Channel 4 News virtually devoting an entire News at 7 Bulletin to what really seems like a non-existent story.

    I think you're right that something about all this doesn't stand to any reason at all. There was a Press story recently that Broadmoor's historical finances were to be investigated! Given that the old Broadmoor no longer even exists, it's all bloody odd and I'm not sure what it is either.