Thursday, 5 February 2015

FIENDS of Broadmoor Pt2

Yesterday I introduced you to some articles written by the likes of Jamie Pyatt. A Sun newpaper hack currently on trial over alleged payments to public officials. Note 'Pyatt was the first Sun reporter to be arrested under Operation Elveden in November 2011.
 The Crown Prosecution Service has alleged that the newspaper made payments of £30,000 to public officials over nine years in exchange for information for stories.
NINE YEARS ? I'm saying NO MORE about the case because, as I said yesterday the trial proceeds. However, Mr Pyatt did mention Jimmy Savile in one of his articles, so I am interested in him only so far as it concerns my subject.
That Bruno photo taken in 1991. WHY did this suddenly appear in the sun paper in 2009 ? Here's the caption again
Now, 3 years down the line the press suggest that Jimmy somehow duped his friend Bruno into meeting Yorkshire's worst. But that is not how Mr Pyatt reported this whilst Savile was still alive
 After chatting to Ronnie, Big Frank spotted the Yorkshire Ripper leaning back on a window ledge.
 Bruno was at Broadmoor to open a gym. He 'spotted the Yorkshire Ripper' after 'chatting to Ronnie' Kray. 
OK, so it's a FACT that the Sun had a massive interest in what went on in Broadmoor Hospital. In the main, their attentions focused on Sutcliffe, it's most infamous occupant. FACT !
From at least 2007 and, who knows maybe before ! Now let's fast forward to a certain story in 2008 
 The sun paid up rather than be sued for libel in March 2008. The excuse they and another rag, the daily mirror, gives now is that they feared LOSING a lot of money. I burrowed back in my archive to bring you as much info as I can
I know I'm repeating myself guys and gals. BUT, in 2008/9 we have not only TWO of the most ruthless news rags in the UK on Savile's ass but also, the CPS, every Police force in the country  and every Local authority discussing the fact that he's SUSPECTED of child abuse including rape and yet NOT ONE, not ONE of them had whatever it was they needed, to bring Jimmy to court ?
I haven't finished yet. I'm just leaving y'all to ponder that one.


  1. You're kinda heading back to that unresolved puzzle of why the "investigation" about Jimmy dragged on for two whole years between 2007 and 2009 and where you noticed that there seemed indications that the investigation was going to be wrapped up fairly smartly, and then some top-bods got involved and the thing dragged on and on...

    Was there some press/police interactions in all that time? The way savilisation burst upon us in the autumn of 2012, with every 'paper bursting stories left, right and centre makes me wonder if these were all first being toyed with before Jimmy ever even died, but they had so many holes that they would never have survived litigation and so the powers-that-be..... waited for him to die?

    1. Moor, I find it VERY hard to believe that the press were not aware of this TWO YEAR investigation. Too many folk were involved. Someone would have squawked. Amazing that we hear nothing from the actual officers involved. WHY the big secret ? Doesn't make sense.

    2. The ongoing prosecutions of journalists seem to reveal that journalistic links with police and others in the establishment were endemic, and if you go back to when the Met went into meltdown, one can imagine that they have since fallen out big-time, but of course getting everyone to look over "there" rather than at them is advantageous to both sides.

      "Champneys was the place to be seen in, in the 1990's and 2000's. From Tony Blair to Liam Gallagher, all the coolest Brits in Britannia wanted to stay there, and be seen to stay there, and Champneys wanted all of them to see that one another was staying there! It was a self-fulfillment cycle and the wheels kept going round. But then, as the News of the World scandal led to Leveson, the wheels suddenly came off and in a blare of dots being joined, the highest echelons of the Metropolitan Police span off in a centrifugal fiasco."