Wednesday, 25 February 2015

God's Day Off Part 1

One of the woman who knew Jimmy very well and worked for him at Stoke Mandevlle Hospital for 28-30 years (depending on who typed the story) is Janet Cope. She must be 73 this year because she was described as 70 in the press in 2012. She was obviously very fond of Jimmy because she didn't mince her words when asked for her reaction to the claims.
 She also acknowledged another side to Jimmy. A side, nothing to do with the allegations, but a character feature typical of most folk who get on in the world. One that Jimmy obviously used to get what he needed at the time. 
No doubt Ms Cope had a lot of folk doorstepping her around this time. A bit like another elderly lady who had to endure this invasion at the age of 90
Anyways, back to Janet who was approached for her memories of Jimmy in November 2011

 And despite having to iron his tracksuit and watch him take over HER wedding day, she still had this to say about a man who with whom she shared so much for so long !
Another article published the SAME DAY November 6th 2011 in the Mirror exposes a FACT overlooked by EVERYONE until NOW that is ! Look carefully at this picture 
Seen it yet ? OK, there's a date at the bottom of it. Leastways there's the MONTH and YEAR it was taken. Something you rarely see on Savile photo's these days. And then we find out WHY !
A diary ? Another one ? I hope she hasn't given this away to any other reporter who came a calling. But, I'll come to that later. Because, the Mirror came good with this article for more reasons than one. Here we also see WHY Janet was so fond of Jimmy and why she must have felt very very alone when issued that FIRST response to the Savile claims a year later
Within a year her husband was dead but Janet stuck by Jimmy. Indeed she was talking to the press days before Exposure giving a considered and very reasonable opinion as to WHY SHE BELIEVED the story's were NOT TRUE !
 Bravo Ms Cope, that's one of the conclusions I came to a while back. I never met the man but the question has NEVER been asked WHY would Jimmy have risked so much for so little ? It didn't make sense in 2012 and it doesn't make sense now !
Ms Cope goes on
BUT something or someone caused Janet's brave stance to falter. Within a few weeks of her blistering riposte came a seemingly perfect about turn ! But that, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury is for Part 2, Later today 




  1. A woman who did all that she did, deserves better than to be rail-roaded.

    "The friendship began in the 1970s when Janet was a medical secretary at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in ­Buckinghamshire. “He breezed into the office to ask if someone could write him a letter,” she recalls. “I said I would. I was still ­typing for him 20 years later.” The following year he launched a ­campaign to raise £10million for the Stoke Mandeville unit. Sir ­Jimmy, Janet and a team raised the £10million in just three years and she remained at his side helping with his charity work, ­travelling the country with him. And she says he was happy with bachelor life. She says: “When Jim died I read ­comments saying he was lonely. He was not. He liked his solitude. He loved not being told by anyone else what to do. It’s why he never had a woman in his life. He was happy alone. He always said he never wanted to be married as it meant someone would be in control of his lifestyle.”

  2. Hey, Janet! Any person with *connected brain cells* could figure out that your boss -- that ugly, nicotine-stained page-boy wearing freak -- was diddling paralyzed girls at Stokes-Mandeville and psych patients at Broadmoor -- and that you lacked the basic common-sense "override" switch that would make most people intervene and put a stop to this obvious and blatant abuse. It's just axiomatic. What happened to your ethics; to your ingrained "code" to come to defense to other women? Why you didn't have that basic instinct to protect other females from danger is beyond me and most thinking people. Sleep well, Janet. I hope you don't toss and turn too much. I hope you can do enough interviews and try to convince enough people that you, too, were victimized, because that may be your only route to a peaceful twilight to your life; trying your best to fend off guilt, knowing full well that you were in a position to stop this. For Mr. Savile to do this to others: pure evil. To be complicit in his unforgivable deeds and do nothing: almost worse.