Sunday, 1 February 2015

Guardian Angels

For some reason or another, an idea came to me from nowhere. That every time we fail to stick up for the good souls, a guardian angel cries. *Lump in throat*
I had just tweeted the following after reading David Rose' article about corruption. Remember what Sir Jimmy said about that guys and girls ?
It was my second foray into the world of the corrupt that set my soul a turning. This still from a film about Jimmy especially !
 The film is one of two tribute films made and broadcast around Xmas 2011. The same tributes that made Meirion Jones so mad. Here it is Sir Jimmy Savile at the BBC hows about that then !
If you scroll to about 14.00 you will see Jimmy approach the lovely lady in the hospital bed. This was no stunt, it was real. Jimmy was being his usual cheeky chappy self  delighting the object of attentions and no doubt, making her day !
 This is NOT the same lady featured in an article appearing in the Radio Times 31st May - 6th June 1975 or is it, they look similar do they not ? Looking closely, Jimmy's wearing a different coat. BUT, what we do know is that the 1975 photo's have been taken in Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Caption reads 'he helps in the League of Friends canteen Stoke Mandeville'
You see what a little research can do ? Shortly after my moment with my Angel, I read Moor's latest blog post. A blogger after my own heart, he does his research too !
Think what you like, but someone told me a while back, that 11.11 is believed to be associated with the presence of a Guardian Angel. 
And remember, if you make an Angel cry, she/he will still be there for you !


Next time, moor stories from the folk who knew, loved and still love Sir Jimmy Savile



  1. I notice that in the background to that film-still, the woman has a screen of what look like pictures of movie stars or perhaps TV stars. One might guess that, being where she was, she was paralysed and bed-ridden and so someone who would delight in moving pictures.

    I recall Jimmy once explaining that part of the ethos of his Stoke Mandeville was that because folk were likely to spend as long as two years there, either recovering the use of limbs or adapting to prosthetics, that it would be unlike a normal [impersonal] hospital and there would be a conscious attempt made to make the patient feel part of a family and in a family that loved them regardless of how "successful" they were, insofar as they could be "fixed".

  2. You know what Moor ? I think it is the same lady at two different times. He did quite a few documentaries featuring his hospital work. BUT the photo's are from 1975 as the RT confirms this.

    1. I'm fairly confident it's the same person too. It all reminded me a little of how that poor little child victim of the Northern Ireland violence looked at Jimmy. Someone who has been terribly hurt but is now with someone who doesn't just try to *fix* them, but actually seems to value them regardless of the future.... or the past.. or how they look or what their predicament is.