Thursday, 26 February 2015

I can only know what I know !

As you can see, this is a clip from an interview broadcast on Radio 4's Today program this morning at 06.00. Thought you might like the opportunity to hear something rare. Someone on the British mainstream media SPEAKING up for Jimmy Savile. This is the direct link

This was recorded BEFORE the publication of the reports. I believe it was last night, when it seems EVERYONE thought they knew WHAT TODAY'S report was going to say !

Q : "But, we understand that the report is going to say that reports WERE MADE to nurses ... "

Sylvia N " It would be interesting to know if they NAME the people it was reported to"  

YES, indeed it will be interesting to see if anyone is NAMED !

I haven't listened or watched ANY of the media reports today or yesterday. But others have already confirmed the bravery of this kind, lovely lady !
This would be the press conference after the release of the reports ! At least some decent folk acknowledge this brave woman's stance.
Sylvia Nichol I salute you ! 

To be continued !

Addendum Janet Cope still believes in Jimmy too !


  1. That radio piece is stunning. Thanks for the Link.

    I plan to do my piece at the weekend about what I KNOW about what was happening to Ms.Cope a year and more ago.

    These two women are women of true moral courage and I salute them both too.

    1. Can't wait to read that Moor. Yes exactly, two VERY brave ladies x

  2. Another old friend of Jimmy's was on LBC and said that in 17 years he had never seen anything untoward in Jimmy's behaviour. Rather unwilling to say the report was lies but definitely sceptical.

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