Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Still PAYING after all these years !

The above is the start of an article that appeared in the Sunday Times magazine on Feb 4th 2001. The writer is Lesley White who begins her piece with this rather strange observation
'kids and nutters' Ms White ? Whatever, I'm more interested in what Jim has to say. But your article is VERY good I must say. I'm not very 'PC' either. She meets Jimmy at Kings Cross Station in London. She almost doesn't recognise him
They drive to BBC Television Centre in Shepherds Bush. He's not recognised at the gate either !
Jimmy's star appears to be well on the wain by this time. It's a few years after the Louis Theroux documentary. The one where Jimmy is more than happy for a stranger to rifle through his belongings and ask any questioner wants.
A little further into this rather lengthy piece we get a snap shot of Jimmy's REAL life. The people he mixes with, including one or two of his BEST FRIENDS !
I understand that this lady was a VERY close friend of Jimmy's up until the end of his life. She was certainly at his funeral and appeared in numerous photo's I have seen. However, that was Jimmy's private life and everyone USED to be entitled to one of those. Indeed, Jimmy didn't shy away from answering tricky questions, often before they were even asked. He must have had to develop a very thick skin. 
We get to hear of the methods Jimmy used to PROTECT himself. The lengths he was forced to in order to keep a prying, predatory press at bay. Read on !

Goodness Gracious Jimmy was obviously very worried that the press or someone else would go to great lengths in order to expose ANY little thing they might be able to get on him. So much for being PROTECTED by powerful friends eh ? The poor man was afraid to even own a computer. No wonder he spoke up for those who had fallen foul of the law in this way ! But that particular interview with his FRIEND, Dan Davies was at least 8 years away. We're still in 2001 and Jimmy is still attractive to women of all ages. I daresay the lady interviewer might have been taken aback by his apparent cavalier, take it or leave it approach to womankind in general.
 LOL as they say ! Jimmy certainly knew how to treat a gal. Doughnuts for the schoolgirls from Duncroft in 1973/4 and a taxi for any lady who might want to spend time with him.
And what I hear you ask, was Jimmy STILL PAYING after ALL THOSE years in 2001 ? Why, STOKE MANDEVILLE HOSPITAL. Some of the bills that is ! 

Next time - helping the little guy !


  1. He knew they were after him alright.
    The hyaena's always wait until the elephant is dead however.

  2. Interviewer of the Year 2008
    Lesley White, The Sunday Times Magazine

    'The three interviews, with Tony Blair, Ralph Lauren and David Bailey, show the range of White's accomplishment: how, given her subject, she can adapt her interviewing technique to suit her target. The final pieces are also individual, ranging in tone and overall effect. The reader is exposed to a captivating and illuminating slice of the interviewee's life while being aware of the strong voice of the interviewer. Honourable mention should go to Jeff Maysh: his encounter with Pete Docherty is something of a scoop and his interviews with Dustin Diamond and The Gladiators is pitched perfectly to his Loaded audience. Lesley White is an experienced interviewer who is always observant and fair. I read her knowing I will end with a deeper understanding of the subject. No tricks, just journalism."

    That interview comes across as a pre-meditated, vicious hatchet job to be honest. Whatever happened to the story that everyone was taken in by Jimmy and were stunned by his awesome presence.

    She plainly hatd Jimmy's guts..... on principle!! What male chauvinist piggery...
    "The women come to me. I don't have to chase 'em"
    have to larg. He didnlt give a shit for the chattering class did he.... :-D

    1. Yes Moor ! It is very clear that the only thing 'hiding in plain sight' all along, was the Press !