Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Stoke Mandeville FACTS Part 1

I have no idea who will say what, in the eagerly anticipated, Stoke Mandeville Hospital Report. But I do know some facts about what Jimmy Savile DID do for the hospital. I intend to share these with you but firstly, let's have a few FACTS about the actual place shall we ? 
1) Jimmy had an association with the hospital in 1973. We know this because of this image. The Press say he began voluntary work there in 1969.
 2) Jimmy's OFFICE was in the National Spinal Injuries Unit. I draw your attention to these TWO FACTS because the press don't always tell you these things, preferring to embellish their stories with this sort of thing !
Thankfully, the good cops provided us with a FACT not a scary bed time story.
3) In 1978 SMH had 758 beds 156 of them in the National Spinal Injuries Centre.

4) Concerns were raised about a lack of resources to meet demand again from Hansard 1978
 5) The young disabled unit was NOT part of the SI unit in 1983
 BUT, an awful lot happened in SMH in those five years. Especially after Jimmy Savile launched a nationwide appeal to REBUILD the Spinal Injuries Centre in January 1980. Here he is with the then Min of Health 
 Here's another picture from that historic day. My heart fills with joy tinged with sadness when I look at this image !
The APPEAL to 'pay for a new SIU at SMH carries with it some great stories. Stories, some of which have been RE-WRITTEN by a mainstream media with an OBVIOUS Political agenda. Personally, I'm not interested in their spin, but you need to read some of it to get an idea of what I mean. Try this
 Only a corrupt press post November 2011 could find these meetings and events sinister. I won't fall down their rabbit hole. I've far more interesting stories to tell. Back in 1980, the guys and gals were loving Jimmy and what he was achieving. I haven't even warmed up yet. Join me tomorrow for Part 2 and keep smiling folks. The TRUTH cannot be altered !



  1. Imagine being a member of the hospital staff and having to watch this media/political Pantomime proceed, and all just because nobody wants to admit they've been suckered by a bunch of scam artists facilitate by Sir Keir Starmer and his ilk in the scam lawyer fraternity. Putrid.

    The only thing worse must be having worked for the BBC... :-}

  2. I wonder which of Meirion's mates dashed off to the National archives to get the dirt to dish on Thatcher etc ?