Thursday, 19 February 2015

Stoke Mandeville FACTS Pt 2

English disc jockey and television presenter Jimmy Savile (1926 - 2011) pretends to toss a 10,000 pound pancake, February 1980. (Photo by Doug McKenzie/Getty Images)
We KNOW that Jimmy Savile helped launch the Stoke Mandeville Appeal in January 1980. But do we KNOW why ? The buildings that housed the Spinal Injuries Unit in the late 70's were in a sorry state.  Indeed, the NHS itself was in trouble as shown by this VERY useful and important extract from a House of Lords debate on 14th November 1979. It certainly opened my eyes up to a FEW things. So bear with me Guys and gals because I want to give you a short history of HOW the SIU came to be. 
Baroness Masham of Ilton 
Goodness Gracious, "We fought for you. Now fight for us" The plight of the old soldiers was the business of the whole country. Now, here's where things started getting serious
That would be the same Gerald Vaughan in that photo of the launch of the appeal (see last post) BUT this debate taught ME something else about the NHS AT THE TIME. Just how much it relied on VOLUNTEERS, regardless of WHO they were !
 Strikes ? The self righteous hacks etc who QUESTIONED what Jimmy was doing in hospitals forgot about that inconvenient truth about the 1970's.
Whatever, I'm for the FACTS ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. And I end this piece with a great quotation spoken by Baroness RYDER of WARSAW . A person who would no doubt be branded unfit to chair an inquiry into any wrong doing today. Irony, my dear friends, irony !

But of course Baroness Ryder is Sue Ryder isn't she ?
I wonder what the great lady would have said about this Savile story involving one of her establishments in 1978 ?

 The only FACT about the claim is the FACT that it was made and the story published in the Yorkshire Standard June 26th 2014


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    1. Sorry, pressed wrong button, I meant to add a couple of the uploaders comments. The uploader made a couple of replies before the Crazies got too much for her. Credit to her for leaving it all up. These were the replies.

      Hi Xenbay, I'm originally from Ireland. I do a lot of research so first i went to Stoke Mandeville. Jimmy didn't know I was there, he was working with a lot of young children, he was talking with a young boy in a wheelchair. The boy could only move one finger. Jimmy, explained that using that one finger could get him to move the wheelchair and see the world. He was wonderful with them. It's a shame that people come forward now with their accusations to ruin everything he had built up.

      Hi Kalifire, I find it unusual that the parents that JS helped through Stoke Mandeville etc. haven't come forward to give him any support. If someone helped my child by funding their expensive treatment and possibly saving their life, I would be the first person to support them and let the world know what the money they raised did to help my child. Where are they?

    2. Thanks for reminding me of this Moor. That lady is mighty brave for uploading this and in doing so, treading where next to no-one else would dare. Thanks Pat !

  2. Brilliant ! The Moor the merrier !

  3. I couldn't resist the temptation to find out more about the ominously named Suu Ryder "incident", so clicked through to The Yorkshire (sub)Standard rubbish - no luck there, and no wonder as going to the source reveals just how pathetic it was:

    Even if it was 100% true it would amount to bugger all!

    P.S. Rabbitaway, I think there is a problem with the 'subscribe to' feature. Whenever I try it a page full of garbage pops up. Much like clicking on The Yorkshire Standard link!

    1. Funny, I've just tried the YS link above and it works fine tho' there appears to be some problem with the page layout. Emm, whatever ! As for the 'subscribe to' thing, what's that ? Sorry, I haven't a clue maybe Moor can help us !

    2. @bandini. This was what Anna Raccoon wrote when she picked over the smaller NHS Reports:

      "Wheatfields Hospice, Leeds. 15 pages by the Head of Quality and the Regional Manager. 6 months work.

      Operation Yewtree reported an incident involved a young woman under the age of 16 who was attending the opening event of this Hospice. The incident included inappropriate touching of her leg and inappropriate comments – all of which occurred in a public place.

      Savile approached her directly, asking her age and what she was doing there, and saying ‘squeeze up’ as he wanted to sit right next to her. As he sat down, he stroked her leg and on feeling the suspender belt under her skirt, stared at her before announcing ‘grownup, wearing stockings, goodness gracious me’ to the room full of people.

      This ‘victim’ is included within the Leeds report, as N27 – to avoid her having to repeat a distressing account more times than was necessary…

      The incident was not reported at the time by the victim, her family or anyone attending the event. On balance the victim’s statement is consistent with the written accounts of the opening ceremony at Wheatfields Hospice and JS’s attendance at this event. The Lead Nurse found the victim to be a credible witness, however due to the length of time between the incident and it coming to light there are no further witnesses to confirm this.

      In the author’s opinion, this confirms Operation Yewtree’s announcement that ‘He groomed a nation’. (????)"

    3. @subscribe
      No idea. Sorry... :-D

    4. Moor, indeed it happened in a public place: before the eyes of Sue Ryder herself (and the Mayor)! And her mother told her to 'grow up'!

      Rabbitaway, my attempt at humour fell flat - sorry. There is no problem with the YS-link, just that the article itself is garbage.

      The 'subscribe to' thing is at the bottom of this article/every other article on your site. I've never managed to get it to work. Here's just a snippet of what it produces (delete at will):,1999:blog-7026409546307773708.post6474231786584

    5. Bandini,
      The 'Subscribe to: Post Comments' link brings up an option to do something with 'Shared Links' in Safari. It's not a function I've used before, so I'm not quite sure how useful it is, but it does seem to do something, in Safari at least.

      Moor, if you could give Rabbit some pointers on setting up a regular email notification, or some such, I'd really appreciate it. I'm out of the country most of the year and have trouble accessing blogspot and many other sites directly. Your subscription function has been a godsend.

    6. Thanks for the reply, Misa.
      Looks like I was wrongly thinking it was a malfunctioning 'subscribe to posts via email' thingy... which is what I use on other blogs whose output I don't want to miss.

      If Rabbitaway is feeling adventurous, here's how to get rid of the whatever-it-is & add an email subscription service:

      Right, off to read about the campaign to dig up Malcolm Muggeridge's corpse, the "incontinent groper"! Madness...

  4. So that's another compo claimant exposed eh ?

    1. I'm imagining Jimmy espying a young teenager, and squeezing in next to her in his usual jolly way. As he does so he feels a "suspender belt" and surprised but trying to be jolly says ‘grownup, wearing stockings, goodness gracious me’ to the room full of people, whilst thinking to himself - what is the world coming to?

      I wonder what he would have said when they were flogging bra's for the under-10's in the likes of BHS. I can half imagine him saying, "Goodness Gracious me" then too.

      Most of this crap is all in the mind of the folk scribbling down these ludicrous reports.