Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stoke Mandeville's 'BEST FRIEND'

When Jimmy Savile died on 29th October 2011, the tributes came a rolling in thick and fast. Here's Stoke Mandeville's response two days later
 One man, David Griffiths who is described in the 2011 article as a 'general manager' had this to say
 Jimmy was even at the time of his death held in very high esteem. Maybe, I'd go as far as to say, loved ! 
 Emm, wonder if that 'book' will be mentioned in the report later in the week ?
If you click on another article further down the page you will find comments from others at the hospital who obviously knew Jimmy very well including this Doctor.
Now, let's get back to 1982 shall we and see how the Bucks Herald reported a fundraising event for Stoke Mandeville. I cannot find an article but the photos are there in the archive
 This would be the BH marathon sponsored by the Bucks Herald who only offer this snippet of info about the event 
 Here are some more pics on the day of the event
 And before when the paper would have been advertising the event
Here's Jimmy with some of his team at the time
 I have no idea who these ladies are apart from one, Janet Cope at the front far right, his PA for nearly 30 years.
We learn more about the mammoth fund that resulted in the building of a new SIU from another Bucks Herald article published on Jimmy's death. It seems Jimmy's 85th birthday party went ahead without him ! 
And, here's Mr Griffiths again to tell us exactly what Jimmy was to Stoke Mandeville hospital 

‘The best friend that Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Centre ever had’ was how Sir Jimmy Savile was described during a party to on Monday at the centre.

  One of the administrators described what it was like to receive all that money all those years ago
'Best Friend' ? Maybe that would explain why NOT EVERYONE at the hospital gave up on Jimmy quite so quickly after October 3rd 2012 !
The patients and staff didn't seem to mind Jimmy's photo in a magazine did they ?
Whatever, the fundraising went on and in August 1983 the all new SMH SIUnit was opened with Prince Charles and Princess Diana in attendance. What a great day this must have been. They all look so happy don't they ?
 Facts ladies and gentlemen of the jury ! Facts ! Enjoy film of that wonderful day tagged 3/8/1983 on this youtube video. Tomorrow I'll tell you some MORE FACTS before the schemers present us with their fictions later in the week !

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  1. Julia, Staffs, UK, 3 years ago
    As a student nurse, at Leeds General Infimary in 1969, I often saw Jim sitting quietly in the Nurses' Home lounge watching television (the only male who was allowed into the home and trusted by all.) He often worked as a porter and could be seen scooting down the corridors, chatting to his patients and cheering them up. I even had a dance with him at one of the Nurses' Home dances and he was a perfect gent. A good man who loved people and went out his way to help them. RIP Jimmy.

    Sue, Shropshire, 3 years ago
    What many people don't know is that not only did he raise staggering amounts of money for charity but he also worked as a volunteer as a porter at Stoke Mandeville hospital, and he loved entertaining the children there whilst "on duty". He did this quietly and without any fuss and never boasted about it or tried to gain popularity from it either. He may have been a bit eccentric, and there's nothing wrong with that, but he was the most generous person and had the biggest heart a man has ever had. Thank you Jimmy X

    Just two quotes from over 600 favourable voxpops at the Daily Mail - 2011