Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Age of the train !

Days before the Savile shit hit his fans. Jimmy Savile featured in a documentary made by the BBC; this one
I have no idea when the window to view this video closed. But I do know when I saw it for the first time !
13th November 2012
It's a great film and I'm sure you can find the whole thing online. But, my particular interest lies in this excerpt, wherein Sir Peter Parker then boss of our railways, talks to Jimmy about their shared interest; TRAINS !
I really like this film. I think it shows Jimmy at his best. Intelligent, warm and genuinely interested in his subject. He isn't just pushing British Railways. He loves them, especially the ordinary folk who worked there at the time. He tells a lovely story about, despite travelling incognito (a feat in itself) he arrives at Carlisle Station at 'ten to four in the morning' only to find that his arrival has been posted on the passenger information board as : 'Jim'll Fix it arrives 3.50' LOVELY !
The highly successful, age of the train tv commercials ran in the early 80's. I'd say the interview above dates from 1982. WHY ? because of this
 If you look closely, you will see that the newly launched, disabled railcard the lady holds is dated 31st December 1982. Here's how getty images describes the event
I have to say that I did do a double take when I studied this photo again recently. I thought I may have seen this woman's face before ?
A little older but the hair is similar. Could this lady have become a special Jimmy patient from Stoke Mandeville ? 
It's a nice thought isn't it guys and gals and would seem in character for Jim to make friends of HIS patients. Imagine how nice it must have been for those who he included in such wonderful experiences ! 
Oh and I've just remembered, there's footage of Jim struggling to get that wheelchair into aisle of the coach. I don't think he or Sir Peter managed that one ! 
More happy TRUE stories next time guys and gals !
I'll leave you with a bit of TV cream info about those tv commercials. Nice comments too. All but one of them that is !
The film excerpt of Jimmy and Sir Peter Parker was taken from a BFI film called 'The age of the train' NOT the BBC documentary. It's available to buy on dvd but I have to say the BBC's effort is a lot more entertaining ! 
Oh, and here is the BBC film which I think includes the footage of Jim trying to push that wheelchair into the carriage. Apologies guys and gals, but you'll enjoy watching both !


  1. Fantastic observation rabbitaway.

    Isn't it odd that Jimmy devoted much of his energy to promoting "State-Run" outfits - British Rail and the NHS.... Nothing like the State Bureaucrats to screw a person over. Even when they're dead.

    I came across another missing video only yesterday. The Ministry of Truth must be recruiting staff on a daily basis.

    1. Thanks M ! I think I may have misplonked with the film clip though as I'm sure it's NOT from that documentary but another one. Will do addendum later !

    2. Haaa I love this from that article you link -
      And, as the ex-DJ says in the film: “Winter sports? Only idiots would do that; but I’ve been an idiot all my life. I can recommend it most of the time, but not all the time.”
      Classic !

  2. re. Statism
    Conversation from the internet. Food for thought.

    The NHS loves to scapegoat individual staff and sack them, there doesn't have to even be an 'incident' I was bullied into a breakdown and sacked once a certain tight arsed nursing manager found out I suffered depression and decided along with her cohorts post Shipman that it made me a risk to patients. Look at how it colluded with the police in issuing a european arrest warrant for the parents of a boy who wanted a certain treatment for him. There is a nurse from Scotland that is serving life for supposedly killing elderly patients with insulin, turns out expert opinion say that high levels of natural insulin are not unusual in the dying patients and his case is going to appeal, read about it it is dreadful a classic NHS-police stitch up. Another nurse is going on trail accused of exactly the same thing, killing patients with insulin,
    I would NEVER do a job that involved caring for people anymore, never, whether it be hospital or nursing home, I hate the NHS and its vicious blame culture that can hang someone to dry but seems blissfully unaware when lack of care such as N Staffs were allowed to go on for years until it was left to patients relatives to expose it.

    I’ve heard similar stuff from many hard-working, devoted front line staff in the NHS. They joined out of a strong desire to care for people; and end up being treated like shit themselves! What a bloody awful state of affairs. When I hear politicians spouting all those peons to the NHS - “envy of the world” - I cringe.

    1. Oh yes, I'm fully aware of how these C***s operate. And they want to introduce Mandatory Reporting. Adios NHS !

    2. Oh, and as we're talking about jobsworths who love to stick it to others. No-one, not ONE person made any claims about SJS did they. None where proof exists that they were made. NONE !