Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dux slips up again !

Oh dear, you'd think that a solicitor would have more sense than to get into a controversial exchange on social media. Especially when that solicitor is the one handling MOST of the Savile compensation claims ! 
What else could ruin people's lives ? 

 'Read the report' ! A tad abrupt wouldn't ya say ? 

She became a little more forthcoming when another joined in the conversation !
I wonder'd how Dux could have had no access to the online report whilst chatting away, online ! So, I did the right thing and sent the questioner's a link to said report plus details of the 8 year old girl she CLAIMED had been assaulted by Savile in SMH in 1986 ! They were therefore armed with the appropriate question to ask BEFORE Dux made her final response !
So, that's clear then, it's a girl not a boy and it's 1986 and she's 8 ! Stop me if you think you may have heard this one before !

Happy Mother's Day !



  1. Don't think Liz'll be sending YOU any flowers rabbit... :-D

  2. Check the time! Here it is again - from Agnes maybe?

  3. Googling the name of the rape victim referred to here ( with Slater and Gordon produces this:
    It's difficult to know what to say about that.

    1. All I can say is that all the media outlets appear to have SG on speed dial !